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A special feature on YOUR HISTORY IN A BOOK appeared
in the Irish Examiner in 2009 as Turtle explored
the family history of Dermot Morgan
(Father Ted) on behalf of the late actor's son Don.
(Photo: Maura Hickey).

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Turtle appeared on RTE1's 'Who Do You Think You Are?'
with former Miss World Roseanna Davison (above).
Read the de Burgh story here.

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‘Need an excellent last-minute Father's Day gift? Give your father a
leather-bound family history book, and since his involvement
will be critical in putting it together, you needn't do anything
in advance. Done (and how nicely done).’
Here is the City.com, June 2012.

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'Your History in a Book' has also received the backing of:
The Irish Times
The Australian
Lyric FM's Aedín Gormley on Arts News
Tom Dunne
on Newstalk 106
John Cooke's Morning Focus on Clare FM
Declan Meehan's Morning Show on East Coast FM
The Carlow Nationalist.

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Do you know what your great-grandfather did for a living?

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Where did your grandmother go to school?


Have you ever wondered what life was really like for your ancestors? How did your grandparents live? What was going on in their world? Imagine reaching for a book written exclusively about your family. A book filled with stories of your family's voyage through history, illustrated with photographs of your family and the landscapes and people they knew.

'Your History in a Book' is an innovative concept in family history and will make a fascinating and uplifting present for anyone interested in the past.

Award-winning author and historian Turtle Bunbury will transform the story of your family into a factual, enlightening and compelling read.

The concept recieved excellent reviews across the world, such as hereisthecity.com, The Irish Times and The Australian. In Ireland, Turtle revealed the family history of Newstalk 106's Tom Dunne live on air, explained the concept to Lyric FM's Aedín Gormley on Arts News, talked of those who served in Great War with 4FM's Maura O'Neill and published a family history of the late Dermot Morgan (Father Ted) for the Irish Examiner. Turtle also escorted former Miss World Rosanna Davison all the way back to the Norman Invasion on Who Do You Think You Are?, while he has also unearthed hitherto unknown details about the Irish ancestry of both Michelle and Barack Obama, as well as about Annie Moore, the first Irish emigrant to pass through Ellis Island.

Chapter by chapter, generation by generation, your exclusive and illustrated book will be filled with evocative stories about your family's voyage through the past, focusing on the great events that drove them, as well as the people and landscapes they knew.

Please email the names of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents, as far back as you can go, to history@turtlebunbury.com

If possible, please can you also include their professions, as well as the dates and locations of their births, marriages and deaths. A good starting place for Irish customers are the 1901 and 1911 Census, online at www.census.nationalarchives.ie

Please contact us directly for prices and timing.


'Turtle Bunbury was commissioned to write the history of the O’Leary family eight weeks before Christmas 2009. The book was thoroughly researched, well written and beautifully produced. For anyone who would like to have their family history researched and written, I whole-heartedly recommend Turtle Bunbury's 'Your History in a Book'.' Michael O'Leary, CEO, Ryanair

‘Need an excellent last-minute Father's Day gift? Give your father a leather-bound family history book, and since his involvement will be critical in putting it together, you needn't do anything in advance. Done (and how nicely done).’ - hereisthecity.com (June 2012).

"Both the Dublin Docklands Development Authority, who commissioned this book, and the Docklands community were hugely impressed with Turtle Bunbury’s chronicle of the area, by its accuracy, its depth and presentation. The images, design and overall layout all added up to produce a very attractive publication. We would be delighted to recommend Mr. Bunbury for similar projects".
Loretta Lambkin, Director of Arts & Marketing, Dublin Docklands Development Authority.

'In my experience as publisher, Mr Bunbury’s attributes include: a true researcher’s curiosity to increase our knowledge about the past; an ability to communicate with great fluency his material and ideas; and a commitment to his subjects that makes him worthy of the title ‘passionate scholar’.' - Jamie Camplin, Managing Director, Thames & Hudson.

''We commissioned Turtle Bunbury to research and write the history of 32 locations across Dublin City for a book to accompany the opening of the Etihad Skyline Tour at Croke Park Stadium. He also sourced most of the photographs for the book. Turtle completed the project efficiently, accurately, on time and in a very personable manner. It was a pleasure to work with him and we were very happy with the final book'. - Mark Dorman, Museum Director, Croke Park (July 2012).

"Your History in a Book" is the perfect present for the person who has everything! We asked Turtle to undertake this as a surprise for my Dad's 70th birthday and he was delighted with the result - "Copperminers and Sheepfarmers". It has already been read and enjoyed by relations far and wide . It is wonderful to have our family history formally recorded in such a personal way for posterity. Thanks Turtle for a brilliant job!' - Grainne Butler, Dublin.

'The family history compiled by Turtle was intriguing, accurate and packed with interesting information and insight into the life and times of my predecessors. Turtle is clearly immersed in his subject matter, and thorough in his investigations, taking great pride in his work. Another great feature is that Turtle can write up your history very quickly indeed. I would highly recommend Turtle’s service to anyone who wants to bring their family tree to life and to have this pictorial essay to pass on to other family members.'
Jo Lynch, Dublin - see the Twitchen & Lynch Story here.

'We all enjoyed the book immensely. You did a wonderful job, as the book chronicles parts of Irish heritage and culture that would have otherwise been forgotten in years to come.'
Leon de Barra

'I thoroughly enjoyed the read … a really excellent addition to what has been written on the family.'
Richard Wingfield, Reading

A fascinating read, well-written and extensively researched.
Jocelyn Wingfield, UK

Wonderfully written, excellent research, sterling work.
Elizabeth Alexander, Carlow

Well written and accurate.
Mallica Childers, New York

Brilliant! A great job. Most informative and entertaining.
Ann Tighe, Wexford

Written beautifully.
Joe Twitchen

As a researcher in the Ulster American Folk Park researching the MacCulloch family of Ballyarton, I found your McClintock detail most interesting and helpful.
Frank Collins

I really enjoyed your essay on the de Burghs of Oldtown.
Edmond O’Dea

Just a note to say that you're an inspiration! Your website is gorgeous, as is the Pubs book and your family, and your history is clever, interesting, and sound.
Noelle Sullivan, Montana


Dublin Docklands – An Urban Voyage

‘Full of stories, anecdotes and personalities … enlightening and rewarding reading’ – The Irish Times.

The Irish Pub

‘Mr Bunbury’s text brings great depth to a stunning book’ – Country Life.

Vanishing Ireland

‘Warm, funny, touching, sometimes desperately sad. A genuine treasure, this social history of the Irish character in his (or her) twilight years is full of stunning photographs and fascinating profiles.’ – The Dubliner

The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of Co. Wicklow

'Exhaustively researched and lavishly illustrated' - The Irish Times

The Landed Gentry & Aristocracy of Co. Kildare

‘Turtle Bunbury unearths an amazing amount of information about the families concerned. The research in this book is very thorough; no stone or layabout has been left unturned’ – Books Ireland.