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Racy Portraits

Adam Buck, Neo-classical Portrait and Miniature Painter

Born in Cork in 1760, Adam Buck was one of the finest neo-classical portrait and miniature painters of the Georgian Age. Known for his watercolour portraits during the Regency era, with neo-classical backdrops, his works are a perfect complement to the world depicted in the novels of Jane Austen. This is the story of a remarkable Irishman who pushed the erotic buttons of Georgian art.

Bounders & Heiresses

Ballyfin House, Co. Laoise, Ireland

Consistently ranked among the world’s top resorts, Ballyfin’s history reaches back to an age when the O’More chieftains dominated the surrounding lands. Its story encompasses multiple families – Crosbie, Pole, Coote and Wellesley – with Iron Dukes, bounders and heiresses in the mix, as well as its tenure as a Patrician school and its remarkable restoration in the present century.

A Remarkable Dynasty

Colley of Corkagh

The story of the Colleys is a rip-roaring account from the first dastardly Tudor to come to Ireland on Thomas Cromwell’s watch through to the sad finale for Corkagh, the Colley house near Clondalkin, County Dublin. Among those profiled are the Duke of Wellington, the novelist Elizabeth Bowen, the Titanic victim Eddie Colley and the ancestors of the actors Ralph and Joseph Fiennes.

The Housemaid of Cloonisle

Annie Conneely (1919-2017) – County Galway

The story of an Irish-speaking Connemara lady who was raised alongside Cloonisle Bay, near Roundstone. Annie recalled how her wily father had to start anew when his currach-rowing business collapsed with the arrival of the railway in 1895.

The Maxol Podcast

The Maxol Story

Founded in 1920, the family-owned Maxol Group is one of the biggest energy providers in Ireland. In this podcast series, historian Turtle Bunbury charts a story of ingenuity, adversity and fortitude from the earliest years of the McMullan family through global wars, oil crises and economic hardship to the present-day challenges of climate change, Covid 19 and technological advance.

The Vanishing Ireland Podcast

Michael Johnson

An unexpected flood, cattle going into a bank and the indispensable Tailor’s Goose are among the recollections of the charming, pipe-smoking 75 year old Michael Johnson, a fifth generation tailor based in Tullow, County Carlow. Season One of the Vanishing Ireland Podcast concludes as Michael recounts some of the remarkable scene…

‘We are not makers of history. We are made by history.’

Martin Luther King jr.

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