Turtle Bunbury

‘I love the challenge of converting complicated histories into texts that a contemporary audience can understand. The goal is to inspire the reader to re-evaluate the landscape around them, to look again at their own ancestry and find their place in the overall narrative of world history.’

About Turtle

Turtle Bunbury is an award-winning historian based in Ireland who specialises in researching, writing and producing world-class history books and podcasts.

Assisted by a first-rate research, editing and design team, he produces beautifully illustrated books for corporations and smaller companies, as well as family, house and hotel histories.

Turtle also offers Life Story, an innovative opportunity for people to begin their memoirs through recorded interviews.

What We Offer

‘We are not makers of history. We are made by history.’
– Martin Luther King jr.

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Enjoy full access to Turtle’s extensive history archive for just €12—only €1 a month. The extensive library includes Vanishing Ireland and his other books, plus regular new articles and podcasts about Ireland’s hidden past, its families, houses, heroes and villains.

History Library

An extensive archive of over 1,000 historical features by Turtle, covering everything from the Neolithic Age to the Big House, from Viking warriors, Georgian beauties and Irish revolutionaries to the Vanishing Ireland project.


Learn about all of Turtle’s podcasts from the award-winning Waterways Through Time to the Behind the Guinness Gates, Corkagh, Maxol and Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish, plus interviews with Turtle on BBC History Extra.

Bespoke Talks

Turtle delivers talks for conferences, launches and other corporate events. A regular guest lecturer on upscale cruise ships, he is an accredited lecturer of The Arts Society. Bespoke presentations for private clients available, tailoring history lectures to suit specific backgrounds.

Corporate Histories

Turtle Bunbury Histories research, write and produce histories as handsome, illustrated books, as well as podcasts. Clients include civic bodies, county councils, family owned businesses and racecourses.

Curation & Interpretative Design

We create historical exhibitions for diverse clients, including Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail), Waterways Ireland, Maxol and Guinness, making the past accessible and compelling through a combination of storytelling, audio, visual and interactive design.

House Histories

Turtle Bunbury Histories can illuminate the history of your house, and its past occupants. Clients include world-leading hotels, townhouses, castles and country mansions, as well as pubs, distilleries, breweries, warehouses, mills, shops and churches.

Family Histories

Turtle and his research team can transform your family historical into an enlightening, compelling and beautifully illustrated epic.

Life Story

Record your story for the generations to come. Turtle is a highly experienced interviewer who will gently guide you from your childhood to the present day, capturing the important milestones and memories of your life.


Turtle’s books include “Ireland’s Forgotten Past”, “The Irish Diaspora”, “1847” and the “Vanishing Ireland” series. He has also penned diverse works on the Easter Rising, World War One, Adare Manor, Naas Racecourse and Maxol. His storytelling prowess is acclaimed by Sebastian Barry and Lenny Abrahamson.


"Turtle goes back with his historian’s eye, but also his humanitarian heart, and gathers together a host of tiny epics."

Sebastian Barry

"A skilled storyteller who carries his readers with him … he disinters the odd, the arcane and the profoundly surprising."

BBC History Magazine

"Turtle is renowned for his forensic knowledge of Irish history."

The Sunday Times

"I’ve always loved Turtle’s writing, the wit and heartbeat in his history."

Lenny Abrahamson

"What a way to tell a story. Absolutely brilliant. I just love people who are so expert in what they’re talking about. "

Dave Moore Today FM