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9. Private Journal on Board His Majestys Sloop 'Procris'
(1 Nov 1829 - 2 Nov 1830) by Lieutenant William Bunbury McClintock

The following journal was transcribed in 2014 by Derek Jago, for which we are eternally thankful. Derek's great-great-grandfather Richard Jago was assigned to Procris on 1st July 1828 as Master of the Fore-Top.

All comments are much appreciated.

Cork Harbour [pencilled in later]
Sunday November 1st 1829
At 10am- Captain Paget came on board and surprised us all by telling us that he had received order to proceed to the Mediterranean station and that an expedition was to be used in getting the necessary stores and provisions in hand for the voyage, accordingly no time was lost and at ½ past four PM we were under way and sailed out of the [Cork inserted later] harbour with a light air of wind from the westward; It was by slow degrees that we advanced out of the harbour owing to the wind being so very light, at midnight the Old Head of Kinsale bore WSW 6 miles the weather very fine and almost a calm.

Monday 2nd
At 8am exchanged numbers with HMS Pearl, Captain Blake, who telegraphed to us “Success to you all” - At 9am a light breeze sprung up from the SW and increased very rapidly to a strong one which together with a heavy sea running, induced us to turn for Crookhaven and at 3 o’clock we let go our anchor in this secure harbour and moored ship. The weather as is generally the case with a SW wind on this coast, became very thick and hazy, and the wind also increased.

Tuesday 3rd Nov
Strong breeze and thick weather, layed in a good stack of potatoes, salt fish & fowls for the run out to Malta – The weather the whole of the day thick and hazy wind SW.

Wednesday 4th
At 8am the weather cleared up and the wind shifted to the NW – we immediately unmoored,
weighed & made sail from this with a fine fresh breeze on the quarter for the Mediterranean. At 10.00 we took our departure from the Fastnet Rock which bore SE by E 1/2 E for 4 miles, and bid adieu to old Ireland. Midnight – Fresh breezes & cloudy -

Thursday 5th
Today the wind began to decrease and at noon it was almost a clam, with a swell from the NW. At 1 calm - 8 a light breeze sprung up from the South. Midnight Light breeze and cloudy.

Friday 6th
Light breeze from the South and cloudy weather the whole of today -

Saturday 7th
Wind from the Eastward, gradually increased to a fresh breeze, which enabled us to make a good run today. Midnight fresh breezes & cloudy. Wind E by S.

Sunday 8th
Fresh breeze & cloudy from the Eastward. In the afternoon weather much finer made a good run. Midnight fresh breeze & fine going 7 knots.

Monday 9th
Fresh breeze & fine. At 8 calm. In studded sails. [1] 9 a light breeze from the SSW. Stood on the larbd tack. [2] 6 PM calm 10:30 a light breeze from the westdward. Midnight Lt airs & fine Wr.

1 studded sails are additional sails set outboard of mainsails in light weather.
2 the term Larboard was abandoned in 1844 in favour of Port to better differentiate

Tuesday 10th
During the night fresh breeze and fine Wr with the wind from the Eastward, daylight light winds set Royals & studded sails. 8 calm. In the afternoon light airs and fine Wr at midnight fine Wr.

Wednesday 11th
Wind from the Eastward a moderate breeze during the night but light in the day. At daylight
observed the Burlings bearing SE about 15 miles. 4 Rock of Lisbon SSE 9 or 10 leagues, midnight moderate breezes & fine.

Thursday 12th
Weather very fine and calm. Daylight a breeze from the eastward, made all sail, midnight wind & weather the same.

Friday 13th
Light breezes & fine, wind SE by E all today.

Saturday 14th
Fine Wr. Daylight saw the land bearing ESE wind ENE. 4pm Cape St Vincent E by S 4 or 5 leagues, midnight light breezes & fine.

Sunday 15th
Daylight saw the land bearing NE by N. Light airs and fine. PM wind light and variable.

Monday 16th
Wind light and variable. Midnight wind W by S.

Tuesday 17th
Wind from SE. In the afternoon came on cloudy and threathned bad weather. 11pm in 3rd reef of Fore Topsail & Top Gallant sails. Midnight more moderate.

image title

Above: HMS Procris as sketched by Mathieu-Antoine Roux for Captain McClintock on 27 Feb 1830 while at Marseilles

Wednesday 18th
Squally Wr daylight observed the land. 8am Cape Trafalgar NNE 8 or 9 miles. Tacked & stood for Cape Spartel. Sent Top Gallent yards on deck3 - 11- observed a Brig under Cape Spartel with close reefed topsails. Noon strong breezes & clear Wr. Cape Spartel SSE 1/2 E 10 or 12 miles. 1.30 close reefed the Topsails & reefed the canvas, endeavoured to work up the Straights of Gibraltar but the wind increased so much, and too many ships running through, that we were obliged to bear up & run under the lee of Cape Spartel until daylight. Midnight fresh gales & squally.

Thursday 19th Nov 1829
Fresh gales & squally. Daylight Cape Spartel SE by E 6 or 7 miles. Stood for the Gut in hope of
getting through, wind increased very much, with heavy rains & squalls. Run to leewatd of Cape Spartel – thick hazy Wr. On reaching the Cape at about 1 mile offshore it fell calm, a heavy swell from the SW although it had been blowing strong from the opposite direction the last two days, our situation now become rather alarming and the swell was setting us on shore & no anchorage – all the reefs were immediately shook out – the top gallant masts & yards got up & and the sails set all expedition, a light breeze providentially sprung up from the southward which soon took us out of the critical situation we were placed in. The breeze was now favourable for running up the Gut and we had some expectation of it continuing. But on advancing to the eastward we were taken aback, with a strong wind blowing out of the Gut. We immediately determined upon a situation well clear of the land and also out of the track of vessels running out of the Straits. So we put our helm up for this purpose, the wind increased to that degree that we were obliged to reduce sail as fast as we could to a close reefed Main Topsail & lone Staysail under which we rounded the Brig to.Blowing a heavy gale with violent squalls. In the evening some moderate weather, weather inclined to be fine. Lost the dinghy from the stern. 4 Cape Spantel 12 or 13 miles 8.10 taken aback in a heavy squall of thunder & lightning with torrents of rain. 10 saw a ship running before the wind. We burnt a blue light to attract her notice, observed her pass across our bows. Midnight, heavy gales with heavy rain & lightning.

[3] In nineteenth-century warships (where a large crew was available) this was generally by
physically "sending down" the upper yards from the masts and storing them on deck - along with, in many cases, the upper sections of the mast itself.

Friday 20th

Weather the same at daylight. Saw the land ESE 17 or 18 miles. 10 a calm - Wr fine – Noon made sail. 2 a heavy squall from the close reefed the topsails, furled Fore Topsail & reefed the Courses [4], 3.30 observed Cape Spartel bearing east 14 or 15 miles, the wind decreased during the night. Midnight light breezes.

Saturday 21st
Towards the morning the wind began to increase and at daylight it blew a hard gale with heavy
squalls from SE by E. Observed two sails. Noon strong gales. In the evening the weather
moderated, spoke a scooner from Scotland. 7.30 threatining Wr close reefed the topsails. 8 heavy rain and lightning. Squally in Fore Topsail - Midnight DoWr.

Sunday 22nd
Weather squally with Rain at 2am the wind shifted to south. Daylight made more sail 8 Thick hazy Wr. Sounded in 45 fathoms. 9 chaned up and made out Cape Spartel [0nce] more and stood for the Gut under all possible sail, on approaching the entrance of the Gut we fully expect to succed in getting through and were all in great hopes in being at Gibraltar that evening, however on advancing we were disappointed for the wind headed us as it did before on two occasions and we decided upon bearing up for Cadiz it now being in our favour to fetch it more particularly as the weather bore the same wild appearance as it had done since the 18th, accordingly every sail was set in order to reach Cadiz before dark. We succed 9 knots an hour, at 2.30 passed a Brig which we learned afterwards had been driven from her anchors out of Cadiz Bay. 3.30 observed Cadiz light house and headed up for it under double reefed Topsails & Courses. 4 made a signal for a Pilot, who did not come on board until 5.20 - although we had fired seaward guns to enforce the signal, we attributed the delay to its being Sunday as they seldom go out on that day to look for ships. Worked up to the anchorage, at 7 – came to with the Best Bower [5] moored on it and there set to the Small Bower moored on it also. Pointed the yards to the wind. We all now felt delighted at once more being safe at anchor and sheltered from the wind which was now blowing a fresh gale from SE. Midnight DoWr.

Monday 23rd
Weather finer but wind very strong in the afternoon threatening Wr bent sheet cable [6], heavy
clouds in the westward, wind suddenly shifted to WNW in a violent squall of rain. In the evening
wind shifted to its old point ESE and blew a hurricane in the night. Let go the Sheet Anchor, wind shifted to the SW. Midnight DoWr.

4 The Lower Mainsails.
5 An anchor carried at the bow of a ship. There are two: one called the best bower, and the other the small bower.
6 The cable belonging to the sheet anchor.

Tuesday 24th
Strong gales with heavy rain, In the morning wind abated and weather cleared away, after
breakfast more moderate. Weighed the Sheet and both anchors, moored ship. Saluted the
Govenor with 15 guns. Recieved fresh beef & vegetables – In the afternoon wind increased again and blew a heavy gale from the southward. Midnight DoWr.

Wednesday 25th
Strong breezes with heavy squalls & rain PM very unsettled Wr. Went on shore and dined with the Consul JW Blackenbury, slept at the Hotel. 4 strong gales from the southward. Eastward arrived the Lapwing Packet Lt Foxtern, 17 days from Falmouth. Midnight DoWr.

Thursday 26th
Strong breeze with heavy squalls, returned on board. PM weather still very threathening strong
gales in the evening with heavy squalls. Midnight DoWr.

Friday 27th 1829 November
Weather still unsettled, in the afternoon sailed the Lapwing Packet for Gibraltar. Recieved rations in boats from the shore. Midnight strong winds with heavy squals of rain / wind variable.

Saturday 28th
strong winds and heavy squalls, wind SW. PM returned the Lapwing Packet after attempting to get through the Straits of Gibraltar. In the evening a heavy swell from the westward with heavy squalls.

Sunday 29th
During the night heavy Wr. In the afternoon it cleared up and had every appearance of continuing fine, Midnight DoWr wind WNW.

Monday 30th
Moderate breezes and clear, took the advantage of today being fine to set up the lower rigging
(which we were obliged to swift in when off Cape Spartio). The Packet this evening sailed again.
PM unmoored and prepared for sea, in the night it came on to blow hard from the SW, with heavy rain.

Tuesday Dec 1st
Wind and squally – soom heavy squalls with torrents of rain thunder & lightning – in the evening
bent the sheet cable again. Very unsettled Wr. Midnight strong breezes & squally.

Wednesday 2nd
Wr still unsettled, daylight it cleared away and we again prepared for leave, made the signal for a Pilot, and fired three guns, but none came off, we sent a boat on shore which brought off one. Weighed and head out of the Bay with a strond wind from WNW. The mark for working between Diamond Rock and the Porpaises is to bring the church on Medina Hill from one end to the other of the Town of Puerto Real. Everything now promised for our making a pleasant speedy passage through the straights, and we were in hopes after so tedious a voyage hitherto that we should now make up for lost time, however in the evening the wind fell quite light with a swell from the westward the clouds were flying fast past the moon, and it threatned a return of the severe weather we had so much experienced. In the first watch the rain freshened up – and in the middle watch it blew very strong from the westward with torrents of rain and in the rain was very horrible, with occasional heavy squalls accompanied with torrents of rain, at daylight it cleared up a little and we made out distantly the entrance of the Gut – there was now no wind; a little before 8 – the wind came from the SW and we made a dash to get through, the sea was now heavy – however we made all possible sail & the wind favoured us as we advanced – the weather cleared up and we had a most beautifull day – at noon Gibraltar was abreast of us & we saw the Packet under sail for Malta & the Dartmouth laying at anchor. The wind was now at back and we were going nearly 8 knots an hour up the mediterranean, the weather remained fine all night.

Friday 4th
The weather very fine and wind W by N. Daylight observed the coast of Spain and Africa. Noon the wind became light. In the evening it shifted to the northward. Midnight light breezes with small rain.

Saturday 5th
In the morning the wind drew to NNE. Daylight saw the coast of Africa, the land very high. 10.30 Tacked off shores. PM Squally unsettltd Wr with rain. Midnight fresh gales and squally wind NE.

Sunday 6th
AM Close reefed the topsails, fresh gales & squally. In the forenoon it cleared up & promised to be fine. Made sail. Noon wind ENE. Wr finer. Midnight moderate breezes & squally, wind E by S.

Monday 7th 1829
Daylight calm – with rain. 7 a light breeze from the NNE. 8 saw the land. Noon a light breeze from the westward. PM the wind shifted to N by E. Squally unsettled Wr with rain. Midnight strong breezes & squally.

Tuesday 8th
Strong breezes & fine Wr. Wind N by W. Noon moderate & fine. PM squally, wind NNE. Squally Wr sea smooth. Midnight light breeze & cloudy.

Wednesday 9th
Wind N by E light breeze & fine. PM moderate breezes. Midnight wind NW.

Thursday 10th

Light winds & cloudy – Fine Wr light airs from the westwardd – PM Taken aback with the wind from the east. In the evening calm. Midnight light breezes from the SSE.

Friday 11 th December 1829
Light breezes & squally with rain. 9.30 Island of Sardinia from NNE to NE 3/4 N. PM moderate & fine. 5 Island of Galite (Zalita) SW by S 9 or 10 leagues. [7] Working to windward. Midnight moderate& fine.

[7] 9 or 10 leagues is the approximate distance to the horizon when the viewer is aloft in crows nest

Saturday 12 December
Moderate breezes & fine. 8 AM Island of Galite west 10 or 11 leagues. Stood close to the coast of Africa & worked up along the shore. At 4 Cani Rocks (IL de Cani) S 1/4 E 5 or 6 miles – at 10 squally with rain. Midnight Light breezes.

Sunday 10th
Fresh breezes and thick weather wind ESE 9am observed the Island of Zembra S by W 1/2 W 9 or 10 miles – weather very squally with heavy rain. PM wind increased to a strong breeze. 4 Cape Bon south – Tacked nearby. Midnight fresh gales with heavy squalls accompanied with heavy rain. Under threble reefed topsails & foresail.

Monday 14th Dec 1829

Showers rain, wind variable in squalls, a heavy sea. 9 Fresh gales & squally 10.50 The captain
decided upon bearing up to run to leeward of the Skerkies & Keith Reef and accordingly we turn back 60 miles. 11.30 Zembra W1/2S Cape Bon SW1/2S. Noon fresh gales & heavy squalls with thick rainy Wr. Heave to under main topsail & fore staysail – 12 fresh gales, sea not so rough.

Tuesday 15th Dec
At daylight inclinable to calm 11 fine Wr – set everything – 12 calm and fine 6 pm a light breeze from the northward midnight DoWr.

Wednesday 16th
Calm & fine 8 a breeze from the north made all sail. 9.45 Island of Zembra south. Noon Zembra S3/4W Cape Bon SSE Pm fresh breeze & fine under all sail. 4 Cape Bon west, 8 Pantellania SE by S 10 or 12 miles. 12 moderate & fine.

Thursday December 17 1829

At daylight wind much decreased, saw the Island of Sicilly. Noon light breezes & fine at 2pm saw the land ahead, 4 Island of Gozo SE 5 or 6 miles. Midnight light breezes.

Friday December 18th 1829
Light breezes & fine – daylight saw the town of Valetta bearing west, worked up to the harbour
saw several English line of battleships laying there. 11 made our number to HM ship Accaia,
Commodore Patrick Campbell. 1.30 PM came on board a Pilot (although he was of no use) and
worked up the Marsa Muchet harbour [Marsamuciette Harbour]. At 3 made fast to a buoy laying off the Portalonia – on the Pratique officer coming alongside we learned that our quarantine would be 3 days having touched at Cadiz. 12 light airs & fine.

Saturday 19th Dec 1829 in Marsa Muchet Harbour
Daylight we learned we were to proceed to Paros an Island in the archaepeligo where the Admiral Sir Putteney Malcolm was laying. No time was lost in completing with stores, water & provisions. The English Packet which had sailed some days previous from Cadiz and which we saw coming out of Gibraltar, arrived today – midnight Wr moderate & cloudy.

Sunday 20 December
Fresh breeze and cloudy – getting ready for sea. Now recieved a Greek Pilot from the Camelian
(10) Brig which vessel was lying in this harbour – [he was of very little use afterwards]. Slipped
from the buoy and made all sail for the Archipeligo, having on board the English mail for the
Admiral. Midnight strong breeze & squally.

Monday Dec 21st
Weather moderate & fine wind WNW . PM fine Wr. Sunset Wr looked unsettled, took in small sails & 1st reefs 7.30 cloudy took in 2nd reefs & main sail reefed to mainsail. 8 fresh breezes & cloudy – 8.30 a tremendous squall from the south, have the Brig nearly on her beam ends, Bore up and shortened all sail, carried away jib boom. 9 moderate made sail to close reefed topsails, 11.30 down top gallent yards & masts. Midnight fresh gales & squally-

Tuesday Dec 22 1829
Fresh gales & squally reefed fore & tail. Daylight, moderate, out reefs, up TG masts & yards, set the sails. Wind SSW. Noon moderate & cloudy - Wind south. Set Larboard Studded sails. 4 fresh breezes & fine. In Larboard Studded sails. 4 Fresh breeze & fine. In Studd sails & 2nd reefs of Topsails. 7 In Top Gallent sails down Jib & set FTMS sail. Midnight strong breezes.

Wednesday Dec 23rd
Strong breeze – wind N by W. 7 Moderate & fine. Set Studded sails, wind shifted. 11 taken aback shortened sail. Noon squally with rain. 4 Island of Cerrigo [Kytheria] E 1/2 N. Cape Natapan at W. 6.30 up fore Sail & threble reefed the Topsails. Worked under the lee of Cerigo all night. Midnight fresh gales & squally -

Thursday Dec 24th
Daylight strong breezes & squally – threatening weather. 10 – bore up for the harbour of Pagayna situated on the Westward part of the Bay of Colokythia [Gulf of Laconia], about 17 miles from Cape Natapan. Had a little difficulty in discovering the entrance as the weather was thick and hazy. After standing in a short way between the high mountains forming an opening we discoverd no harbour affording any shelter, decided on going out again, however we sent a boat in, and she shortly returned with the intelligence that there was a very secure snug harbour yet could not be seen from our situation. The captain then decided upon going in and anchoring; accordingly we again put our head for that purpose. On advancing the small harbour on the north shore shewed itself. It is formed by a tongue of low rocky land running from the hills above the beach, and the high mountains around the bay - here at noon we moored and found a safe shelter from the strong Wr & contrary winds then blowing – Came on board the Governor of Scutari [Skoutarion]/ a small village at the head of the bay & by which this place may be known from any other in this xxxxxxxxxxx, he was attended by some domestic dressed in the Greek style – Midnight strong breeze & squally.

Friday December 25th

Strong breeze & squally with rain. Went on shore in the forenoon with some of the Mids & xxxxx
Walked over the hills, there was scarcesly any vegetation, then being only every here & there
patches of corn. Saw several flock of sheep but they were small and poor, Pigs are fine, poultry can be had – went on shore and purchased some mutton for the crew but it was very indifferent. There is a small village with a few miserable houses on the hill immediately over the anchorage. The people here as well as at Scutari appeared poor and wretched – 8pm strong gales & squally. Modnight DoWr.

Dec 26th
Strong gales & squally – a heavy sea running outside the harbour, although where we were
perfectly smooth. PM DoWr. Sunset more moderate – Midnight fresh breezes.

Sunday Dec 27th
Moderate & fine. 4 unmoored ship. 6 made sail out of the harbour – wind fell & became calm, as there is no anchorage on either shore at the entrance we were obliged to sweep out. Which we succeed in doing after some exertion, a nice breeze from the SSW soon took us between the Island of Cerrgio & Cape St Angilo. Shaped a course to pass to the eastward of Falconaro [Falconera]. In the evening the wind fell light. At midnight light airs & fine.

Monday Dec 28 th 1829
Light breezes from the SSW& fine. Daylight made all possible sail, found ourselves between
Falconari & Anti Milo [Antimilos]– breeze gradually freshened several islands in sight. Exersised
great guns & small arms. Passed between the Island of Serpha [Serifos] & Siphanto [Sifnos]. Shaped a course for Paros. 7.10 observed the Wasp 18 gun sloop standing along the Island of Paros to the southward exchanged numbers with her – at 2.30 saw the Admirals flag on board the Asia (blue at fore) and the squadron, over the low land, laying in the harbour of Paros. Rounded the point forming the entrance to the harbour. Worked in & anchored in shore of the Harcourt (74) found laying here, Sir Pulteney Malcolm in Asia, Gloucester, Ferret, Mastiff, xxxx Racer & Windsor. Sent the different things which we had for the Squadron away. Learnt here that Sir Thomas Paisley [who was to this master in Cameleon] was to be our Captain instead of Paget, promoted. - worsening Wr.

Dec 29th 1829 at Paros
Weather moderate & cloudy – found this a commodious and remarkably safe harbour, water &
fresh provisions can be procured – wind south.

Dec 30th
Fine Wr nothing particular occured -

Dec 31 st 1829
Squally Wr with rain, wind S by W came on board Vice Admiral Sir Pulteney Malcolm and mustered the crew, at open list, at quarters, and exersised them at different evolutions, making & shortening sail. He expressed himself as being very much pleased at the manner in which everything was done& complemented the Captain & Officers on the efficient state of the crew. Both the Captain & myself dined on board the Asia to day with the Admiral. He appeared to be a very friendly person; Moderate breeze & fine.

January 1st 1830
At anchor in Paros harbour, got orders to prepare for sea, Weather fine Wind SE by S

January 2nd
Fresh breeze & cloudy. Wind NE. 9.30 Weighed & made sail out of the Harbour of Paros for
Smyrnia. Noon strong breezes, stood towards the Island of Syra to look out for the ship bringing up mail from Malta, but could not see anything of her – tacked occasionally, working between the Island of Naxia [Naxos] & Miconi [Mikonos] towards Nicaria [Ikaria]. Midnight strong breezes & fine.

January 3rd
Fresh breeze & fine, wind NE. Daylight Island of Nicaria NE. Working between Nicaria & Niconi PM. 3 observe a squarron of 3 Frigates & 2 Corvettes & a Brig running along Nicaria, supposed them to be Egyptians bound to Alexandria. Midnight light breeze & cloudy.

January 4 th 1830
Strong breezes & dark cloudy Wr with rain. Wind N by E. 8 more moderate, Island of Scio [Chio]
south. Made & shortened sail occasionally working to windward. Squally Wr. PM Fresh breezes,
became moderate towards the evening. 4 Cep Island [Probably Bogadz Adasi] in the Straights of Scio N1/2E 12 or 14 miles; light airs and variable. At 9 run in between Cep Island and the Island of Scio. 11.30 shortened sail and anchored off the town of Scio in 25 fathoms. Midnight moderate & fine.

January 5th
At daylight a fresh breeze from the N by W. At 8 weighed and worked through the Straights of Scio.Squally – passed between the Islands of [blank, probably Agnusi] & the main land of Asia, these Islands form a breakwater across the the north entrance of the straights & prevent any sea coming in, so that a vessel may anchor almost in all parts; after passing Scio the wind came more to the westward and enabled us to round Cape [name blank, probably Kap Komur] which forms the side of the entrance of the Gulf of Smyrnia. The night now came quite fine, & wind up the Gulf. (Observed several curious rigged small craft coming out.) 12 Running up the Gulf of Smyrnia for Portea. Fine Wr wind westerly.

January 6th
at 12 passed between the Island of [name blank] 12.30 hailed an English Brig laying at anchor in Portas, calm, anchored, 8 light airs, weighed for Smyrnia. Noon calm & cloudy – saw a Russian Frigate coming down from Smyrnia. PM light airs from the NE. Working up to Smyrnia. 9. breeze freshned from ESE.10.30 found it too squally & baffling to attempt working past the castle at night, therefore anchored under the Brothers, two remarkable high mountains. Squally WR with rain.

January 7th
AM fresh breezes & squally with rain at times. 8 DoWr weighed & made sail under double reefed topsail, at 9 Wellesley make our signal to make more sail, set top Gallent sails. Mark our number to Wellesley – 10 come to with B Bower off Smyrnia in 71/2 fathoms. Found laying here Wellesley, Windsor Castle, Favourite, Weazel. 11 Heavy squalls of rain. PM heavy rain. Midnight DoWr.

January 8th 1830

Fresh breezes & cloudy – after breakfast went on shore with Grey of Windsor Castle to see the
town, found it to be very dirty, streets narrow & humans apparently without any habitation, shops tolerable. Every necessary & luxury of life can be had here – living during this season very cheap & good – camals are the principle animals of labour, they are here in the town carrying heavy loads. Sought some btls of Rosee & Turkish slippers, tobacco & pipes. Dined on board Windsor Castle – midnight moderate & fine.

Saturday January 9th 1830
Forgot to mention that we found laying here the America Commodore in the Java, a superb
Frigate, with two Corvettes, the Erie & Lexington. The Austrian Admiral Dandelau in the Bellona
with several schooners, the Dutch Admiral [no name] in a small Frigate with a Brig – Employed
today setting up rigging & cleaning Brig. Midnight moderate & fine.

Sunday January 10th
Fresh breeze & cloudy – came on board Captains Maitland & Bonnenic, after dinner went on board a French Man of War Brig with captains Paget & Grey – then went on board the Java American Frigate, she appeared in very good order & many things well arranged. The Commadore & officers seem very civil. Dined aboard the Wellesley – Strong breezes & squally. The Favourites signal was made to get underway, to go and assist getting off a Dutch store ship which had run on shore on a sand bank below the Castle – a Dutch Man of War Brig also went down. Midnight fresh breeze & squally.

January 11th 1830

Fresh breezes & cloudy Wr. PM a heavy squawl off the Town with constant rain. Down Top Gallants & yards. Midnight moderate & cloudy.

January 12th 1830
At 9 weighed and made sail from Smyrnia for the adnt at Paros. Wr fine & wind fair. 10 sent a boat on board the Favourite. boat returned made sail. PM strong breezes – after dark wind increased to a strong gale, shortened sail to close reefed topsails, kept under the lee of Cape Cana Baurna [Karna Burnu]. Midnight heavy gales & cloudy.

Wednesday January 13th 1830

At daylidght bore up for the harbour of Fouges [Foça] as it was blowing hard from the southward and found it useless straning against it. 7.30 Anchored in the Harbour of Fouges – found laying here a French Man of War 18 gun Brig and several Greek merchantmen. Went on shore found the Town small though in very good shape. Wr squally. Midnight light airs & fine.

Thursday Jan. 14th
At daylight moderate breezes from the eastward. Weighed and made sail, after carrying a fine fair breeze aroound Cape Cana Baurna we were then taken aback while endeavouring to work up to the entrance of the Straights of Scio. The breeze increased considerably & the Captain decided upon again returning to Fouges – but upon again rounding Cape Cana Baurna the wind decreased and we could not reach Fouges – just put into a small harbour to the S & East of Cape Cana Baurna, Calad Sahif, [probably Karaburun] it was from the advice of the Greek Pilot together with the appearance of the place that we were induced to go in here, but after entering it was not so very easy to get out again, so we moored the Brig in the centre of this cove – I can hardly fancy that a vessel of our size had never been here before. It is formed by a small island on the Gulf of Smyrna, Lidi and the main land on the North, the distance across about 80 fathoms, however we felt shelter here during this night, as it was blowing hard outside. Midnight Wr Moderate & cloudy with rain. PS; When mooring we worked the Brig close to the shore, in 2.5 fathoms of water, the hawser being put to the rocks.

Friday January 15th 1830
Squally with heavy rain. At daylight passed around to the small bay to the Northward & Westward where there is no shelter except from southerly winds & as they suddenly shift to the northward it is I should say by no means a safe place for a vessel to lay, there are a few small houses and a cove for small coasting craft – at 9.30 as the weather still appeared threathening and this place by no means desirable to lay in we unmoored and from the harbour being so excessively narrow it was impossible to cast the Brig with certainty without a hawser being made fast to the opposite shore to act as a spring, this was done and accordingly made sail & weighed. There was a boat left on shore to cast off the hawser as we paid off. This being done she returned, from this we ran over to Fouges. Midnight Wr strong breezes & squally wind SE.

Saturday January 16th
Strong breezes with Rain, in the afternoon the Wr inclined to be fine, went on the shore, found the town much better than expected, some of the shops appeared tolerable, the inner harbour is remarkably secure and good anchorage, it is deep close to the town – the outer harbour is also very good and sheltered from all winds – The Purser purchased a bulloch for the ships company. Went away in the Gig to sound round the islands they were xxxx xxxxxx. Midnight light airs

Sunday January 17th
Light airs from the SE 12.30 weighed and made sail out of Fouges, heading for the Sound of Scio, at 2.30 entered the Straight of Scio, 4 passed the Ferret [10 guns] at 9 in the 2nd reefs of Topsails. Weather threatening. Midnight fresh breeze & squally.

Monday 18th
Fresh breezes & squally. At 2 up the mainsail, down the Jib & reefed B Mainsail & set Fore Top mast Stay Sail. 6 in 3rd reefs, down Top Gallent Yards & Masts. 8 Strong breezes with heavy squalls, in Fore Topsail, 9.10 wind still increasing bore off for the harbour of Tsheme [Chesme] in the straits of Scio after passing between Cifs Islands [Bogadz Adasi] and the main, run for the harbour of Tsheme. Run between a rock & shore off the harbour upon which there is a stone beacon & the chain. 11.30 shortened sail – came to in the harbour of Tsheme. Found it a very secure place, several small merchant-man laying here – wind bound. PM – 4 more moderate – Midnight moderate breeze.

Tuesday 19th
Weather moderate & fair, wind at N by. At 6 weighed & made sail out of Tsheme [Chesme]. Made all sail and soon passed between Cifs Island & the main land. Exchanged colours with a French Corvette, wind NW a fine breeze. All sail set, aired bedding & slung clean hammocks. At 4 passed between the small island Stopadia [Chtapodia] & Miconi [Mykonos], 10 shorten sail after running along the shore of Paros & and passing the entrance of the Harbour saw the Admirals light on board the Asia. Abeam the land we immediately discerned that we had run past the entrance, we then tacked and in half an hour we were at anchor in the harbour – the low land on the NE part of the Harbour of Paros being very easily be taken at night for the entrance and thereby the cause of a ship running on the shore as was the case of the Cordillia [10] a short time ago – Came on board J McDonald [Master] who had been left behind in England – Midnight moderate & fine.

Wednesday 20th January 1930

Daylight found laying here HM ships, Asia, Gloucester, Melville, Wolf, Rapid [10] Meteor [Bomb] Hind/Cutter & Mastiff. [8] J arrived HM Brig Weazel from Smyrnia. Recieved water from the Melville. Supplied the Weazel with a Topmast – Went on shore at the town, a fasionable place, pigs are plenty, bread very good, purchased fresh beef & vegetables. A Bum Boat with fruit & & corn alongside ship daily. This is a safe & commodious Harbour – depth of water 7 fathoms. Midnight fresh breeze & fine.

[8] A Bomb vessel did not have cannons but mortars for bombarding fixed targets.

Thursday 21st 1830
Fresh breeze & cloudy, wind N by W. 9 sailed HMS Wolf for Malta & England. PM DoWr Arrived a French 16 gun Brig. Midnight DoWr.

Friday 22nd 1830
Strong breezes & cloudy. Wind NE. Came on board Commander Lockraft & Dr Allen for passage to Malta & 2 Mids – at 7 weighed & made sail. Worked out of the Harbour in company with a French Man-of-War Brig – at 2 make all sail with the wind a beam blowing fresh, shaped a course to pass between Serpho [Serifos] & Serphanto [Sifnos], passing between them. Noon between Anti Milo [Antimilos] & Falconnonria [Falconera]. At midnight wind increasing, strong breezes & squally.

January Saturday 23rd
Strong breezes & cloudy. 4 strong gales with heavy rain, the weather being so severe xxxx xx it
being night we decided upon running between Cerigotia [Antikythira] & Candia [Crete], and not as was our intention between Cerigo [Kythira] & Cape St Angelo [Cape Malea]. At daylight passed Cerigiotia going 9 knots a heavy sea running. Wr very hazy. 10 the weather moderated, made more sail, Cape Matapan & the coast of the Morea [Peloponnese] in sight, PM more moderate, wind shifted to SE. Midnight fresh breezes & cloudy.

Sunday January 24th
Fresh breezes & cloudy. Wind SE daylight made all possible sail, wind on the quarter. Steering
WNW. Noon fresh breeze & fine. In the afternoon wind increased, running 9.5 knots per hour. 4
shortened sail. In the first watch shortened all sail to prevent running past Malta. Midnight Wr
strong gales with heavy squawls, running 9.5 knots under bare poles.

Monday January 25th

At daylight it was so very hazy & blowing so very heavy that we hove to, as we thought we might
run past Malta. Heavy gales with rain all the day, saw one or two ships running - Midnight Wr more moderate.

Tuesday January 26th

At 4 observed the land about Cape Passano [Capo Passero, Sicily] close by having gained more
distance in the gale than was expected, it was rather a surprise to to find ourselves so near to the shore, wore & made sail off- wind much more moderate but sea high. 10.30 observed the Island of Malta ahead, we were steering SW by W 1/2 W – noon wind light, 4 Valetta W by N 5 or 6 miles. At 7 shortened sail and anchored in Marsa Muchit harbour [Marsamuciette Harbour] – moored. Found laying here the Wolf – she only arrived in the morning having run past the Island in the last gale & obliged to beat back. Midnight light airs & fine. Sat 15 days quarantine.

Wednesday Jan 27th 1830

Light airs & fine. At 1 shifted our xxxxx close to the warf under the town. Wr very fine.

Thursday Jan 28th

Today was fixed for our new Captain Sir Thomas Pasley to join, we being in quarantine he did not come on board but superceded Captain Paget. He brought his Clerk Mr Landemore & he paid Mr Jenner to join us from Camelion. Captain Luckcraft whom we brought down from Paros joined the Camelion and superceded Paisly. Wr calm & fine.

Friday 29th

We now commenced refitting rigging & cleaning out the holds as we were to ride out our quarantine here, previous to going to Marsailles, so as to enable us to get Practique there – squally wind, rain.

Saturday 30th January

Fresh gale & squally with rain at times much mist – employed cleaning holds, bleaching tanks on shore & fitting rigging. The officers gave a parting dinner to Captain Paget. Midnight DoWr.

Sunday 31st January
Fresh gales & heavy squawls all day. Midnight DoWr.

Monday 1st
Fine Wr. Sailed HMS Wolf for England she was very near going on shore getting under way. I went & run out a hawser for her. Captain Paget went home passenger in the Wolf – Squawly Wr.

Tuesday 2nd
Hauled boats up on shore, repaired them. Fitting rigging. Wind moderate with rain.

Friday 3rd February

From this day nothing of any great consequence occured beyond the employment of the crew in
refitting the the rigging, repairing the boats & cleaning the holds until getting Practique. The
weather was generally very stormy & rainy – on Tuesday the 9th we got Pratique after 10 days
quarantine. Captain on board, Sir Thomas Paisley for the first time. I slipped from the buoy and the boats of the Squadron towed the Brig round for boat yard check in Valetta Harbour. Secured her to a buoy. Employed painting masts. Midnight fine Wr. On the 10th, 11th & 12th we were employed drawing stores & fitting sails. Caulkers from the dock yard, caulking inside & out. On the 13 we recieved orders to proceed to sea in the afternoon. At 3 slipped fron the Buoy, boats from the Squadron towed us to the fairway Buoy – in this we were very much hurried as the caulkers were employed up to the time of slipping from the buoy. After reaching the fair way buoy it was quite dark, with a heavy sea, blowing fresh, we secured ourselves with the mesengers to the buoy & had a slip rope out of after port as a spring – made sail & slipped – the breeze just lasted to take us out of soundings & then fell calm, but the swell still keeping up it was sending us directly on the shore where there was no anchorage we were obliged to sweep in again for the buoy but as soon as we got sounding we let go the anchor where we remained until 3 oclock in the morning of the 14th when a light breeze came.

Sunday 14th Feburary

Wind took us clear of the Island, in the morning found ourselves about five miles off Valetta – It
continued calm from daylight until noon, when a breeze came from the NW. Observed HMS Iris & Peloras running along Malta for the harbour of Valetta. 5.30 PM N end of Gozo WNW, Eastward of Malta SW. Moderate breeze at midnight.

Monday Feburary 15th
Wind NE, steering NW. 8 light breeze & fine. Cape Scalambro [Capo Scaramia] NNE 1/2 E. Cape Passaro [Capo Passero] east. Noon calm. Light airs & fine all night.

Tuesday February 16th

Light airs & variable all day. Fine Wr. 5.30 PM Girganti [Cape Girganti] N by E 1/2 E Cape Naherea NW by N Alicate SE by E 1/2 E. Midnight DoWr.

Wednesday 17th February
AM Moderate breeze & fine. 8 Island of Pautalania [Pantelleria] SW by W. Maritimo [Marettimo,
Sicily] N by W. 11.40 sounded in 37 fathoms. Wr very fine wind SSE under all sail, 4.30 Island of Pantillania SSW 1/4 W. This Island is remarcably high & can be seen at a very great distance.
Maratimo N by E. Midnight moderate & cloudy, wind shifted SSW.

Thursday February 18th
Moderate & cloudy. 1.30 In studded sails & Royals altered course to NW by W 1/2 W. Noon fresh breeze & fine. In the night the wind increased to a strong breeze & squawly with heavy rain. Midnight DoWr.

Friday Feburary 19th
Squawly Wr all day. Wind variable from the northward & westward. In the afternoon the wind
increased to a heavy gale from WNW 12 DoWr.

Saturday February 20th

Wind moderated at daylight & at noon are now under Royals & Flying Top. Standing to the north
along the east coast of Sardinia. Noon Mount Christin [Monte Christo] north by east. Ciglio [Giglio] NE by E 1/4 E. Midnight light airs & cloudy.

Sunday February 21st

At daylight light airs, made all sail, misty Wr. Found ourselves to the southward of Bastia. 8 a
breeze from the SW sprung up. Noon a fresh breeze with small rain. Running along the coast of
Sardinia about 6 miles offshore. At 1.30 PM run between the Island of Giraglia & Sardinia going
about 6 knots. After passing the island the wind fell quite light and became calm, a swell running from the northward made our situation rather unpleasant, being very close to Cape Corse immediately off which there is no anchorage. We were obliged to out sweeps [10] and sweep her off. A breeze sprung up from the eastward and carried us back clear. At the time it was raining very hard – The breeze increased to a strong wind from the NE until midnight when it fell light.

10 A sweep is a long rowing oar.

Monday February 22nd

Wind shifted to the SW at daylight. Saw the high mountains in the interior of Italy covered with
snow. Noon calm & very clear. Saw the high land of Sardinia. Wr very fine all night. Light airs from the southward & eastwrd.

Tuesday 23rd February

Daylight extremes of the coast of Italy & France from northward to W by N. Noon very fine & calm. Exersised the crew making & shortening sail in the evening. Midnight calm & cloudy .

Wednesday 24 February
Calm & fine all day 5.30 PM Cape Scicie [Cape Sicie] NW 1/2 W. Fort Marino NNE 1/4 E. Light airs & night.

Thursday 25th

Light variable airs the whole of the day. Noon Cape Scicie SE by E 1/2 E. Island of Roue [Ile de Riou] NNW 3/4 W. At night DoWr.

Friday 26th
Daylight a breeze from the SW. Standing along the shore about 3 miles off, one or two small vessels in sight. Passed the town of Cassis where a wine much drunk in the Mediterranean is made. Standing on, the Lighthouse on the Island of Planeau [Ile de Plane] showed itself. It is a good building. 10 a Pilot came onboard. Run in between the Island of Planeau and the Island of Marie [Ile de Marie]. Stand for Daume Road [Rade d'Endoume]. At 11.45 anchored in Daume Road in 10 fathoms. Moored ship. Narle Rock westward [probably Ile d'If], Cape Daume North [Pt d'Endoume]. Set up lower rigging Wr very fine. Wind W by N.

Saturday 27th
On Saturday I went on shore at the town of Marsaillies which is about 1.75 miles around Cape
Daume – the entrance to the inner harbour is very narrow – it was full of shipping of all nations;
went to the Hotel Beauveau [Grand Hotel Beauvau Vieux Port] situated on the quay at the head of the harbour, it is an excellent Hotel; walked about the town with McDonald & Massie. Purchased gloves, etc. Went to Mr Le Roux [probably Mathieu-Antoine Roux] the famous marine painter of this town. [11] Bought several naval pictures from him, he lives on the quay on the left side of the harbour going in. Dined at the Hotel with McDonald, Massie, Parson. Got an excellent dinner, slept here, breakfasted next morning Sunday 28th and then went on board. Found that Mr La Roux had sketched the Brig as I had dined him the day previous; We returned to the shore the weather today was very pleasant.

In the morning of 1st March it came on to blow a strong gale from the north and gave us a proof that this was a most excellent roadstead with this wind. As it was imposssible to get any water in the town in consequence of it being so rough, we succeded in procuring some at a small well abreast of where we lay. In the afternoon the wind increased to a strong gale as the Captain was most anxious to sail as soon as possibly he arranged every thing at the town for the embarkation of the Admirals things which we were to take to Malta. And walked round to the Village of Daume [Endoume] to which there is a xxxxxx Road for carriages – from Marsailles; with some difficulty we got on board the different stock which was procured at Marsailles, and which came to Daume in carts.

[11] The Roux Family of Marseilles was a family of hydrographers and marine painters that specialized in ship portraits. While many generations were involved in the hydrographic business, it was really only three generations who painted and became known for their skill and accuracy in portraying a ship, making their work seem more like a photograph than a painting.

Monday March 1st
At 4 oclock Mr Le Roux brought on the picture of the Brig to Daume only being 24 hours drawing it. At sunset we are all ready for sea only waited for the Admirals things which were prevented going out of the Harbour of Marsailles. Swing to the wind & sea being so rough. However at 1/2 past 12 in the night they came off & we got away immediately for Malta.

Tuesday March 2nd
The wind was now N by W. 8 AM Cape Siccie NE, Cape Rouge N. In the afternoon the wind fell light. After lunch increased but had shifted to NE. Midnight moderate breeze & fine.

Wednesday March 3rd
Weather very fine , wind shifted at 4am from NE to S by W. Wind variable & light at sunset.
Midnight calm & fine.

Thursday 4th

At 3am a breeze from the eastward. Wind variable & light all today.

Friday 5th

Light breeze & fine. Wind from the eastward; daylight saw the Island of Sardinia, Rock Lono at
noon E by S 1/2 S. 5.30 Island of Petro [San Petro] N by E. Cape Tetolia [Teulada] SE by E, Toro SE by S. 10pm Toro E by S 30 miles. Midnight moderate & fine.

Saturday March 6 th 1830
AM moderate & fine, 8 Island of Galiti [La Galite] S3/4E, noon centre of Galiti SE by E 9 miles. In
the afternoon fresh breeze with rain. 6 Galiti SW by S. 12 mod breeze & fine.

Sunday March 7 th
Daylight Galiti W by S1/2 S. Weather cloudy & wind variable the coast of Africa in sight Cape Bueno SE, Fratella Rocks [Les Fratelli] W1/2S, stood close into coast of Africa, Cane Rocks [Isle de Cani/Dog Rocks]. Midnight 2 or 3 miles off. Fine Wr wind NNE.

Monday March 8th
Wind gradually increased, at daylight saw the island of Zembra bearing SSE this is a high mount
which can be seen at a significant distance, I should think about 50 miles – the wind being fair, we soon run past Cape Bon – at noon Pantillania SE by E, at 6.45 we passed a steam boat which we afterward learned to be the Malta Corfu & English Packet it being the first one which came out – we were now running 8 knots with the wind from NE. Left Pantillania in the night & shaped a course for Malta. Midnight squally.

Tuesday 9th
Wind light – noon, 2 sail in light, 4 PM saw the island of Gozo bearing SE by E, 6 leagues. It is low land, and cannot be seen any very great distance off – 7.30 Cape Demetri [Ras San Dimitri] S by W 5 miles, Running along the land for Malta, a moderate breeze, 11.45 came to off the entrance of dock yard creek in 13 fms, fine Wr.

Wednesday 10th
At daylight found laying here the Admiral in Asia, the xxxxx, Revenge, Britannia /120/ - Madagascar, Infernal, Ferret, Wellesley – at 7 the Russian Squadron went out of harbour (sailing of the squadron) at 2pm weighed & secured to a buoy with the BB chain. Midnight calm & fine.

Thursday 11th fine Wr in the afternoon the Russian squadron entered the harbour, I went around in the gig to Marsa Muchet Harbour to see Lt Bunk & Langfield. 12 Lt air & fine.

Friday 17th March 1830
Wr fine Wind ENE, from this day until the 18th we remained here; dropped our sails on to deck f-t-b repaired & drew some necessary stores. On the 14th the Pelorous/18/ Captain [Michael] Quin, sailed for Tunis & England, and on the 17th Lt Nash went to Wellesley & Lt Bat superceded him. Wr at the time very fine, I went on shore & made with Massie to Citta Nicchia, dined at an Inn in Valetta. Returned on board.

Thursday 18 th March 1830
Recieved a fresh Pilot from the Wellesley - (a useless fellow). 4 light airs & fine, went out of the
harbour & made all possible sail standing Ely with the wind at N by W. Being bound to Paros –
Sunset calm, midnigh, light air from northward.

Friday 19th
Wr fine, breeze steady at N by E. Averaging 6 knots all day, at 8 pm, blew fresh, midnight from W.

Saturday 20th

Squally Wr – obliged to lower the topsails in a squall. at noon moderate breezes wind NE, midnight fine Wr.

Sunday 21 st 1830 March
Moderate & fine until 8 when a fresh breeze, running 8 knots 6pm Cape Natapan NE by E running 9 knots - steered to run between Cerigo & Cape St Angilo, 12 Cape St Angilo NNW 8 or 9 Miles

Monday 22nd
Moderate & fine, daylight winds Ely S1/2S, Wind increased to a strong breeze, working up toward Milo, noon the Annanes Islands [Ananes] SE by E 7 or 8 miles. 6pm Anti Milo ENE. Falconaria [Falconera] NNW.Wind quite strong from NbyW.

Tuesday 23rd
Daylight moderate Wr. The Island of Paros bearing east, running for it. 10.30 showed our Pendants to the Gloucester laying in Paros harbour. Run into the harbour. Captain went on board Gloucester. Found laying here the Melville also – tacked across working around the Gloucester. Captain soon returned, made all sail out of the harbour & shaped a course for Napoli de Romani. Midnight fine Wr. NW end of Serpho Island [Seriphos] W1/2W 3 Miles.

Wednesday 24th March 1830
Light breezes & fine Wr. Passed between the Island of Thermia [Kythnos] & Lenpho, at 11 passed the Island of Hydra, standing for the Island of Spetzia. Noon showed our colours to a Russian Corvette. Passed between Spetzia and the mainland to the northward. Exersised firing cartridge with the great guns; running up the Gulf of Naupili. Midnight light airs from the Northward.

Thursday 25th
Light airs all today – working up the Gulf of Naupili. At 1 a breeze from the SE. 4 showed our
pendants to HM Brig Rapid. 6 came to with B.B. In 7 fathoms. The Captain went to Cergio to Mr
Dawkins. Found laying here a Russian line of Battle ship – her men were employed working for the Greek Government in the town of Naupili. Midnight calm & fine.

Friday 26th
Supplied the Rapid with provisions. I went on shore with Browne & Eaton of the Rapid, &
McDonald. Went up to the Acropolis on front, it was in a dilapidated state, it is a great height and is ascended by means of steps for a considerable way. The view from the top is most extensive. The famous plain of Argos as well as the surrounding country can be seen to great advantage from here. There are now such few trees on the plains, owing to the ravages committed in late wars between the Greeks & Turks. I returned again to the town and walked about, there seemed to be several fine new houses building & some part built & several very large good shops. The streets are narrow & dirty ; a large house was preparing for the reception of Prince Leopold who was expected but as King of Greece; Capo D'Estria the President was residing here. Saw young Colacctroni a Greek General & son of a famous General of that name. We went to a small Inn took some refreshment & returned on board. 2pm got underway and stood down the Gulf with a light wind from W by N.

Saturday 27th
4 fresh breezes from eastward – daylight observed the Melville [74] to windward. 8 running
between Cergio & Cape St Angelo. Squally Wr, xxxx 8. Noon Cape Natapan East. Cape Grassia NNE. 1pm passed a Genoian merchant Brig. Wr very squally & threathening. Wind very variable. Remained so all night.

Sunday March 28 th 1830
Squally wr – Wind NNE at noon. Wind increases to a strong breeze under triple reefed topsail
nothing particular occured today - during the night the same Wr with a head sea.

Monday 29th
Daylight set topgalant sails, running 6 knots standing to NNW with the wind from NNE. Weather
moderate in the afternoon, exersised at quarters, in the night light winds.

Tuesday 30th
Wind shifted this morning to NNW fine Wr, light breezes & fine all day.

Wednesday 31st
Wind still from the westward in the afternoon shifted to SE made all sail standing Wby N1/2 N very fine Wr.

Tuesday April 1st
At daylight Valetta Lt house, SW aboout 5 miles – at 6 saw the Admiral in Britannia, Revenge in
company to leeward, bore up for Marsa, he telegraphed for us to go in at 9.30. Came to in Marsa Muchet harbour in 13 fathoms. Admiral came in from Britannia in a Gig – weather calm & fine at night. Found laying here HMS Ethna. We remain in this harbour until 10th without anything of importance occuring, the weather the whole time was remarkably fine, on the 2nd
the Ethna sailed for England & on the 3rd. The Rifleman/18/ Captain Mitchell arrived from Corfu.

Saturday 10th April
At daylight weighed & sailed out of Mucha harbour, make fast to the fairway buoy – 11.30 slipped from the buoy & made sail with the wind from the NW for Corfu, without having Pratique at Malta. Carried a fine breeze until sunset, midnight light breeze & fine.

Sunday 11th
Light winds & fine standing ENE, Noon moderate & cloudy – midnight wind variable. Wr fine.

Monday 12th
North breeze & fine, wind N by W averaging 6 knots. PM light wind. 5 exercised at quarters & firing at a mark. Hit it. Midnight moderate & cloudy.

Tuesday 13th

Light airs & fine, noon a fine breeze from NNW. Running 6 knots, 2 saw Corfu – 5 In studded sails and hauled to the wind on the starboard tack, rounded buoy on cape Bianco shoal, light variable air at night.

Wednesday, the 14 th of April, 1830
Daylight made our Pendents to the Wellesley lying in Corfu Roads. The captain went to her in the Gig as it was calm. 7.30 a breeze from northward. Turn in, rounded the Wellesley stern & anchored off the ditch abreast of the Lord High Commisioners House. Found laying here the Weazel /18/. Wr very fine - Midnight thunder lightning and rain. Nothing of any great importance occured during our stay here until the 20th of May which made no 35 days at anchor. The ships company breakfasted at 1/4 past 7'o clock. Craned TS yards at 8 & at sunset sent them down. The Brig was painted inside & the yards blackned, on the 16th of April arrived the Beaver/Brig English Packet & the Africa steamer from Ancona – sailed the Weazel, on 20th a strong gale, let go a second anchor, wind N.W. 23rd fired a salute of 21 guns being HM birthday. 25th arrived HMS Weazle. Sailed the african steamer for Malta & England. 26th sailed the Weazle – 29th the Wellesley made our signal to prepare for sea as it was reported that a vessel was on shore at Leftimo. Made all expedition & in less than an hour we were all ready, sails set, one anchor up & hove short. Fresh breeze with rain – 11 signal annuled - 2nd of May arrived the Austrian Admiral Dandilaw, in the Bellona a double banked frigate, with a Corvette & Brig in company – on the 2nd arrived the steam Packet Echo from England, sailed again on the 4th for England & the Wellesley also, for the islands. 6th sailed the Austrian Admiral & Squadron. 13th anchored the Mastiff surveying ship & sailed again the 16th. 18th
arrived the Wellesley.

Thursday 20th 1890 May
1.30 came on board Mr Krauze Brigs passenger for a passage to Otranto, weighed & made sail from Corfu. Wind light from NNW, Wr fine. Tacked occasionaly working out of the North Channel. Midnight Lt-house SSE 2 miles.

Friday 21st
Light airs & variable, made very little progress in the last 24 hours – midnight calm & fine

Saturday 22nd
Calm & fine until 3pm, when a light breeze from the northward. 7.30 Sapina Island N by E1/2 E. Northerly part of land SE by E. 12 light airs & fine.

Sunday 23rd
Daylight launched the Gig with the Brigs passenger to Otranto, had to pull 18 miles it being calm, Wr foggy – at 10 landed at the town, the passenger was interrogated at the Parlatoria, I went with him to the Laganetta, it is a good building situated on the right of the harbour procured some vegetables and stock through the consul who is an Italian. The harbour is very shallow & only affords shelter to small coasting vessels - at 1 pm, left the shore to return to the Brig, found her with a nice breeze standing for Otranto, at 1.30 got on board. Shaped a course for Corfu with the wind S by W, Wr very fine - light airs at night.

Monday 24th May
Wind light. Wr very fine in the day, but foggy in the morning/ 9 am. got a breeze from the south. at 5 observed the north lighthouse with a fine breeze after entering in the channel. wind variable and light, did not anchor in Corfu until 11 - midnight light airs.

From the 25th of May until the 15th of June we remained at anchor. The weather nearly all the time very fine.

27th May arrived the Meteor steamer from England with the mail. 31st weighed & went down & anchored off a rock off the west end of lido. Exersised firing of the great guns at a target fixed on shore.

12th of June arrived HMS Rattlesnake from Malta, bringing up Commander Griffiths - sailed the Wellesley. 12th Sir Thomas Paisley left us and joined the Rattlesnake. Was superceded by Commander Griffiths who was apointed to us acting -

15th June Thursday 1830
3pm sent the boats to tow off a large sweep with a buoy which was to be laid down on the
Madona off Paxo. Light variable winds. 6 weighed & made sail down the south channel, Lt Colonel Drake came as a guest of the Captain and Captain Hale & Collard in the gunroom. Midnight light breeze & fine, working down the south channel.

16th Wednesday
Working down the south channel all today with light winds & variable. Wr fine. Midnight hove to
off Paxo -

17th Thursday

At daylight out the cutter & sent all the boats away to tow the Lump to the shoal, Captain went in 1st Gig - tacked occasionally standing off & on the shoal - at 2.PM came on board the boats, took the Lump in tow & made sail for Corfu. W very fine, midnight DoWr.

Friday 18th June 1830
Light winds & fine Wr. 8.30am anchored off Corfu. We stopped here until the 30th without
anything occuring beyond the usual routine of harbour duty - on the 22nd - the Wellesley
anchored on the 23th The Rattlesnake anchored - The weather this month was very fine.

Wednesday 30th June
At 10 weighed and made sail out of Corfu for the Island of Cerigo [Cythera] Colnel Drake came as a friend of the Captains, in the gunroom we had my brother and Captain Adams of the 18th Royal Irish - PM 4 Fired 3 signal guns to draw the attention of a Surgeon whom we were to take passenger from Paxo to Cerigo. 5.40 hove to off Paxo, came off Dr Lamont, made all sail with the wind from N.W. Averaged 3 knots at night.

Thursday 1 st July
Light airs - fine Wr. 11 shewed our colours to No 9 Transport The Countess of Harcourt. 9.45 PM. Observed a light on Lowcacouit Island [maybe Lefkas] E by S. Moderate & fine Wr. wind at N by W.

Friday 2nd July 1830
Wind N by E Running 6 knots. Exercised with musketry firing at a target. Wr very fine all day. 6.30 Cape Grasso N by W 1/2 W. Cape Nataphan N 1/2 E. 10.30 hauled to the wind on the starboard tack & hove to to windward of the Island of Cergio. Fine Wr Moderate breeze.

Saturday 3rd

At daylight bore up for the anchorage off Capsali [Kapsaliou] in Cergio. 9 came to off Capsali, a
small village, in 13 fathoms. Discharged Dr Lamont. PM Went on shore, rode up to the town of
Cerigo with Thomas. We went some distance in the country which in some parts was most
cultivated. Got some milk & bread at a country house & returned. Went over the front, the
buildings are grand. A company of the 10th Regiment are quartered here under Captain Power. The Residents home is also here. Captain McHail is the Resident. The guns were in a very poor state - descended the hill which is very steep & returned on board - from the top of the Font, looking down on the Brig she appeared a small boat – midnight strong breeze & fine. Wind NW.

Sunday 4th July
A fine morning wind from the north – I went away with the master & landed in the inner harbour, but it was very shoal and only fit for small coasting craft – which can be well sheltered from all winds, but for boats drawing more than 8 feet they must anchor where we did, which is open to the southward therefore no safe place to be during winter. Came on board Dr Palmer for a passage to Corfu. 2 weighed & sailed out of Cergio on the starbrd tack with the wind westerly. Working to windward against a fresh breeze 7.30 split the jib. Midnight N wind & rain

July 5th 1830

Light winds & fine in the morning, at noon it threatned from the westward, The coast of Morea in sight, PM working against a strong westerly wind. 8 Cape Grosso NE 1/2 E Cape Natapan E at E. Midnight fresh breezes & cloudy.

Tuesday July 6th 1830

Fresh breeze – squally Wr under thrible reefed topsails working to windward, wind northerly – moderate towards noon, but increases again in the evening 7.15 PM Venetico [Benetiko] NE south part of Sapienza [Sapientza] NW1/2 W Fresh breezes and squally at Midnight.

Wednesday 7th

Working to windward against a northerly wind, at noon stand close in to Navarin [Navarino Bay] saw a French squadron at anchor in the bay – PM moderate breeze & fine 7.30 Sapienza E1/2 S, Navarino ENE 12, DoWr.

Thursday 8th
At 4 light airs & fine, noon calm, Zante [Zakinthos] N by W Prodano [Proti] E by N1/2 N, PM light airs from the NW, midnight calm & fine.

Friday 9th
Calm & fine, daylight a light breeze from the westward, noon Cavent? Island in sight off deck bearing W by N PM light airs, heading in for Zante – midnight light variable winds & fine weather.

Saturday 10th June
Light airs & fine – 9.30 a breeze from the south westward, made all sail, noon working between Zante & Cephalania, 1.45 hove to a sent a boat alongside the Ionian steamer she had no news. In the evening light airs & fine, 8 SE end of Cephalonia E by N; NW end of Zante S 3/4 W. Light airs & fine Wr at night.

Sunday 11th
Made very little progress today the winds being very light & variable. Weather very fine.

Monday 12th
Light variable winds all today, occasionaly calm, 4.40 P M sight HMS Mastiff (xxxxxxxxx)
Light winds at night Wr fine.

Thursday 13th June 1830
Weather today as yesterday – 8.30 AM sight an English Brig from Corfu – 12 Paxo NNE. midnight calm & fine Paxo at Ely at 6 miles.

[From ships log, voyage to Ancona July]
Wednesday 14th

Easterly, light variable airs. Working up the south channel of Corfu.

Thursday 15th

At 9.30 anchored off Corfu in 13 fathoms. Wr very fine.

Friday 16th

At 1pm weighed and made sail out of Corfu. Went out by the North Channel. Wind light, wr fine.

Saturday 17th

Light airs & fine. Cape Linguetta [Kepi i Gjuhezes] N by W.

Sunday 18th

Light variable winds & fine. Island of Lagosta [Otuk Lastovo] N 44 W, 111 miles.

Monday 19 th July.
Light breeze & fine. SW part of Latzza [Probably Lissa now Vis], N 65 W, 61 miles.

Tuesday 20th
Light winds & fine. Westward end of Lagosta, N by W 3/4 W, East end N 3/4 E.

Wednesday 21st
DoWr. Latzza SW end NNW. East end at E 1/2 N.

Thursday 22nd
Mod & fine. Ancona N 73 W, 41 miles.

Friday 23rd
5 shortened sail & came to with BB in 7.5 fathoms. Lighthouse bearing SE by S 3/4 miles. At noon weighed again & made sail for Corfu.

Saturday 24th
Moderate & fine. Lignoso Rock S 50 E 227 miles.

Sunday 25th

Fresh breeze & fine. Lignoso Rock S 53 E 115 miles.

Monday 26th
Light breeze & fine. SE point of Farro S 1/2 E. Strada Bianco ENE. At 11.30 anchored in Corfu after running through the North Channel.

[Monday 26th July until Friday 20th August at anchor in Corfu Roads.]

Friday 20th August
At 3 weighed & made sail out of Corfu Roads. [to Patras in the Monea via Zante & back] Light airs & fine Wind NW. Went out South Channel.

Saturday 22nd
Light breezes & fine. NE part of Zante SE 1/2 S. Light house N by E.

Sunday 23rd
DoWr. Running up the Gulf of Patras

Monday 23rd
Moderate & fine. Standing between St Maura [Lefkas] & Cephalonia.

Tuesday 24th
Light breeze & fine. Black Island North, Parga East.

Wednesday 25th
DoWr. 11.30am anchored in Corfu.

[25th August until 2nd September anchored in Corfu Roads.]

Thursday 2nd September
1.45pm weighed & made sail from Corfu. [to Patras & back]. Moderate breeze fine, wind NW.

Friday 3rd
Moderate & fine. Working between Ithica [Ithaki] & Attica [Mainland Greece].

Saturday 4th
Light breeze & fine. South point of Island of Oxia W by N, Cape Papas SE by E.

Sunday 5th
DoWr. Working down Gulf of Patras.

Monday 6th
Strong breeze & fine. Off Island of St Maura [Lefkas] working up to Paxo.

Tuesday 7th
Fresh breeze & fine. Working between Paxo & main. 10pm anchored off Benizza [Benitses] watering place.

Wednesday 8th
At 9am weighed, run up to Corfu, 2 anchored. Wind light breeze & fine.

[8th September until 30th October anchored in Corfu Roads.]

Sunday 30th October
At 3.15 weighed & made sail [to Cepholania & back] under double reefed topsails & courses. Fresh breezes with heavy rain.

Monday 1st November

Light breeze & clouds. Working down the South Channel.

Tuesday 2nd
Moderate breeze & fine. At 9.30 anchored in harbour of Cepholania off the town of Argostoli.

[Log transcript ends, Return to Corfu not recorded]

[This transcript was done by Derek Jago, great-great-grandson of Richard Jago, Captain of the Fore Top on HMS Procris from 17 Feb 1829 to 19 July 1832. He notes: 'There is a gap in the information between the end of the Procris Diary and the beginning of the Samarang Diary in 1831. The latter is in the style of the Procris Diary and very extensive. All this suggests that there is a second Procris Diary for the gap year that has not turned up. Hopefully it will some day.'

The original Procris Journal is to be found in the Lisnavah Archives at IREL0001D_Correspondence-and-related-papers-(to-G4-1-16-1810-1862_00387).