Turtle Bunbury

Writer and Historian

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“I take refuge in the past. I find it a comfortable zone because it’s already happened. It can’t be changed. It simply is. Only these days we’ve managed to harness the past and convert it into showbiz. And I’m delighted. It means historical bores like me stand a chance of making some cash”.
Turtle, The Dubliner.


History Sub-sections

Old map of Ireland Irish History
- A potted history of Ireland from earliest times to the present day.

Old tractor Write Around Ireland
- humorous historical takes on Irish towns and villages.

Charles Acton Family histories
- resurrecting families across the world.

Temple House House histories
- the stories behind some of Irelands' greatest architectural gems.

Charles Bianconi Heroes and Villains
- some of the more unusual and enigmatic children of Ireland.