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In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.”

Sir John Pentland Mahaffy,
Oscar Wilde’s tutor.

Family Histories

Epic Dynastic Sagas

Turtle has written the history of over 200 families, mostly Irish or Anglo-Irish, from indigenous Irish clans and Anglo-Norman settlers to English and Scottish planters,  Huguenot and Dutch emigrants, including multiple landed gentry, aristocracy, merchant and farming dynasties.

Vanishing Ireland

Interviews with Old Ireland

Homing in on people of a primarily working class Irish background, whose stories are rarely told, they met with farmers, blacksmiths, fishermen, dockers and nurses, as well as priests, nuns, teachers,  saddlers, thatchers, lace-makers, clock-makers and turf-cutters.

Tales from Irish History

Heroes, Villains and Events

An ever-evolving archive of 200+ stories about people and events from prehistory through the epochs of Christian, Viking, Norman, Plantagenet, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and independent Ireland, including the Great Hunger, the Easter Rising and the two World Wars.