The Memory Bank



How often have we lamented the fact that we didn’t record the stories of beloved family members who are no longer with us?

Turtle Bunbury is ideally placed to record the memories of your family elders. With the genius of technology, each 60-minute interview is recorded remotely, polished by a production team, and then sent to you as an audio file that can be easily downloaded and shared among your entire family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I buy an interview?
You will be sent an email by Turtle’s team to discuss a suitable time to record the remote interview and any outstanding questions.

What does a remote interview mean?
Turtle’s team will courier you a package containing a laptop, a microphone and headphones. We ask you to have someone with reasonable technical ability on site to oversee the simple audio setup, or it may be possible for one of our team to go on site. Interviewees are encouraged to wear headphones and to speak as closely to the microphone as possible.

Where can the interview take place?
All you need is a good internet connection so we can link up with our producers but we urge you to find a place that is silent, without noise of radios, telephones, doorbells or other possible distractions.

Who will do the interview?
Turtle has over 25 years’ experience interviewing Ireland’s older generations for the award-winning Vanishing Ireland project. He has a gentle interviewing technique that puts people at ease as he guides them through the years. As well as the core stories of each interviewee’s life, he gathers important details about the people and places they knew in their younger years.

How do we prepare?
Turtle or one of his team will talk with you beforehand about the topics of conversation you would like to focus on. We recommend that you also discuss the likely topics with the interviewee beforehand so that names and dates are top of mind.

Does the interview have to be remote?
It may be possible for Turtle and the production team to meet interviewees in person although we do recommend the remote interview. As well as being the safe option in the Covid age, the remote microphone tends to focus the speaker’s mind.

How do we listen?
After they have given the interview a polish by the producers, Turtle’s team will email you a link to an audio-file that can be easily down-loaded and shared with all your family, capturing those invaluable memories and voices for present and future family generations.