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Applause for Vanishing Ireland

Other stories from the Vanishing Ireland series are available to read here.


‘My wife and I love your “Vanishing Ireland” publications…beautiful work’ – Christy Moore

‘I really recommend this book. It takes really personal stories of elderly people going through their life and times, beautifully displayed with photographs’ – Ivan Yates, Newstalk Breakfast.

‘The Vanishing Ireland series is an invaluable record of times past’ – John Spain, Books Editor, Irish Independent.

‘Vanishing Ireland…. @justrala just showed me this book, I’d highly recommend it!! Awesome books!’ – Tweet by Irish rugby full-back Rob Kearney, who was reading ‘Vanishing Ireland’ in the Shelbourne Hotel with Tommy Bowe and Rala on the eve of their 2012 Six Nations clash with Scotland. They went on to thrash the Scots. And following Leinster’s victory in the Heineken Cup, Rob himself was named ERC European Player of the Year 2012. If you want a reminder of how good Rob Kearney’s eye is, remember this mighty dash at the French.

‘Beautifully presented, eminently flickable … a book that people will mull over with tins of Roses and endless cups of tea between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. I like what you’ve done. A fine book indeed’ – Ryan Tubridy, RTE Radio 1.

‘The more Vanishing Ireland books, the less Ireland vanishes’ – Lysbeth Bijsltra, Capetown, South Africa.

‘I got a ‘Vanishing Ireland’ book for Christmas last year which I thought was just stunning’ – Kathryn Thomas, ‘The John Murray Show’, RTE Radio One.

‘We just wanted to say we are all delighted with the book the story and photos of our dad [Denis Lee] thanks it will be love to have for years to come’ – Gemma Lee.

‘I just wanted to say that I have just finished the Vanishing Ireland series. My wife bought them for me, two years ago and I’ve only gotten around to reading them now. They are absolutely wonderful. Thank you for writing them.’ – Graham Rogers.

‘I have bought your book on Vanishing Ireland for my Irish wife and we both have loved it. The photographs and writing quite excellent.’ – Dr Tom Bell, South Zeal, Devon, UK

‘Your Vanishing Ireland books are one of the few things I’d save if my house was on fire, the richness in the images gets me time and time again.’ – Trisha Bonham Corcoran

‘Vanishing Ireland is absolutely first class: great concept, and brilliant execution.’ – Walter Curley, Gerald Ford’s US Ambassador to Ireland (1975-1977)

The new Vanishing Ireland book is very special to me as it features some people from my area in Glin, Co. Limerick, including my Dad Paddy Faley who passed away on the week the book was being launched. He thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed for it but, sadly, did not get the pleasure of reading it. A beautiful book of photographs and interesting stories.’ – Peg Prenderville, Glin, Co. Limerick.

‘Whenever I want to remind myself of the goodness in people, I reach for one of your Vanishing Ireland books, open the book to any one of the stories and immerse myself until my heart smiles again. It rarely takes too long.’ – Catherine Lilbit Devine

‘I have three of your Vanishing Ireland books – they are wonderful. My brother-in-law was visiting last year from Norway and he really loved them. He has purchased all of them! He loves reading about all those old folk.’ – Karl Partride

‘A fabulous book’ – Madeleine Forrest, County Carlow.

‘I’ve just been looking through my copy of Vanishing Ireland and wanted to say to you what a wonderful documentation you and James Fennell created of the older generation of Irish country people.’ Susan Morley, Tuscany, Italy.

‘Wonderful book! Just took another look yesterday. You will be taken back and enchanted!’ – Jolene Neri

‘Brilliant stories and photography!’ – Tom Halligan.

‘Love these books, bought them for my granny who turned 100 this year! She is full of stories and loved these! Reminded her of the old days! :D’ – Julie King.

‘Really enjoying this new book. They really are books to treasure for a lifetime.’ – Emer Hartigan.

‘Great looking cover – can’t wait to get our hands on a copy!’ – The Dingle Whiskey Distillery.

‘Another fantastic book to add with the others on the shelf’ – Colette Cully, County Wicklow,

‘Well done on completing a record of a very slowly vanishing Ireland. We still have characters everywhere in rural Ireland,thankfully. They keep the rest of us sane in this topsy turvy, ever changing world of ours.’ – Karen McDonald.

‘Really good’ – Chris O’Donoghue, Newstalk Breakfast.

‘Can’t wait till Christmas when all 4 books land mysteriously at my house across the great sea … a treasure for all of Ireland and everyone with a hint of Irish in ’em! Congratulations to James & Turtle. Please keep on writing and photographing Ireland’s greatest gift, her people. Thank you!’ – Cindy Kilgore.

‘Just now some of my colleagues are looking through your wonderful book, I got a copy of it the other day. It really is a special book and I want to congratulate you and James Fennell. You will have sorted Christmas gifts for many people I feel.’ – Alice LeahyTRUST.

‘Just received Vol 4. Happy!’ – John Daly.

‘I absolutely adore Vanishing Ireland. One of the finest publications of our time’ – Colette O Connor.

‘Beautiful’ – Jonathan Hartley, Norfolk.

‘Beautiful, you do great work’ – Padraig agus Cait Seoighe, Connemara.

‘I have a couple of your books and have given them as presents to aunts and uncles. Wonderful, they are! Thanks for some pure enjoyment’ – Sharon O’Brien.

‘Beautiful’ – Mel Halloran.

‘I so enjoy reading the stories you’ve gathered from these lovely people & seeing their faces, imagining sharing a cup of tea or a pint with them. I have the first three and will soon buy myself the latest. Thank you for helping to preserve the stories!’ – Nancy Baker.

‘Visiting Ireland is a great leveler when you live abroad & Vanishing Ireland is a fantastic idea & books. None of us today have a clue as to the reality or the simplicity of life in Ireland in the past. Wonderful to read the stories of these characters who otherwise would have been forgotten & now are immortalized in print.’ – Mary Dunne.

‘Fantastic – have read all 4 editions. my uncle featured in the first book and a great family friend in the latest edition. cannot thank yourself and James Fennell enough for bringing us such joy to see both in the books. will be treasured by us, especially since we lost our uncle 4 yrs ago. every edition is well worth the read. gives a fantastic insight to how these people lived and alot can be learned from what they tell in each of their stories’ – Lisa Moore, County Galway.

‘Absolutely love these books and reading the stories of the people in them in the madness of life today – its lovely to look back at how happy people were back in those days with so much less than we have now – we can learn a lot from them, well done.’ – Deirdre Cronin O’ Driscoll, librarian at Cork County Council.

‘Great books every Irish man and woman should have these books in their homes to show the new generations what it is to be Irish’ – 100 million Irish United

‘Returned this to Carlow County Library today. 4th book in the series by Turtle Bunbury and as ever fascinating insights into how things were. We have it quare easy no matter what “1st World” complaints or problems we have. Defo worth getting a loan of this or buying it etc.’ – David O’Leary, County Carlow.

‘The cover is fantastic. Great to be able to read all the stories, and accounts of Old Ireland’ – Susi Burton Allen, County Carlow.

‘It’s great work, photographing remnants of the past. It is a terrible shame that we don’t treasure and seek to rediscover our culture like other countries. Turtle Bunbury is giving Ireland an important treasury in his work.’ – Brendan Murphy.

‘Fantastic book and a true contribution to the preservation of our heritage and culture’ – Mary Fitzharris.

‘Well done, its a lovely book’ – Jackie Brennan (Director, FreshIdeas Events)

‘Your lovely new book arrived, it is yet again a real treasure, it is a very moving and strong story you tell, many stories, and they all add up to something that is truly precious. Well done to you both!’ – Giana Ferguson, Gubbeen, County Cork

‘Great work’ – Frank Murphy.

‘Great to have a record of times past’ – Mary Beecher.

‘Wonderful’ – Dr Noelle Campbell Sharp, Founder, Cill Rialaig.

‘I love the new “Vanishing Ireland” book and not just because Ellen O’Keeffe of Caherlaska, Schull is in it, along with her neighbours Patsy & Tim, all of whom were a huge and wonderful part of my childhood years. Such dearer people, it is hard to find.’ – Noreen Brosnan, North Kerry.

‘Well done on completing a record of a very slowly vanishing Ireland. We still have characters everywhere in rural Ireland, thankfully. They keep the rest of us sane in this topsy turvy, ever changing world of ours.’ – Karen McDonald.

‘I so love your books and what you have created for future generations to dip into is just mighty!’ – Ann Ronan.

‘Well done on the new book, it looks fabulous! You really are doing this country a service capturing these wonderful characters!’ – Deirdre Verney, Westmeath / Offaly Independent.

‘I bought it for my husband for Christmas. I know he will enjoy it.’ – Valerie O Neill Morrissey.

‘Bought 2 – the last one and new one – for xmas lovely stories , will get first two sometime.’ – Julie Quinlan, Caherdaniel.

‘Great book’ – Jim Moloney.

‘Gorgeous and my mother was delighted to have it.’ – Samantha Conlon, Co. Tipperary.

‘I have only skimmed the surface of your work but its importance cannot be overestimated. It’s impossible to put a value upon your (and James’) ‘Vanishing Ireland’ series – such a noble pursuit of which you should be incredibly proud.’ – Mike Bourke.

‘The new Vanishing Ireland just arrived! Brilliant, again!’ – Tom Crowley.

‘Another Christmas pressie sorted :)’ – Trevor Gillespie, County Carlow.

‘Brilliant stories and photography!’ – Tom Halligan.

‘Amazing books and stories.’ – Ann Brien O’Brian.

‘Well done, fantastic book’ – Lorraine Aspill.

‘Great book, really enjoyed it’ – Phillip Rusty Doran.

‘Suppose to be xmas presents keep reading well worth getting !!’ – Julie Quinlan.

‘I gave this book series to my Mom a few years ago for Christmas…she loved them!’ Diane Gardner Zeltins.

‘A wonderful book … Congrats.’ – Barnaby Smith, Hong Kong.

‘Stunning books. I never tire of looking through them. Looking forward to more.’ – Lorraine Dormer.

‘I was thinking how apt the title, Vanishing Irish, actually is. All those [Co. Limerick] individuals in the book are descended from families that have lived in the locality for hundreds of years and are fading fast. In their place comes multi-cultural new Ireland, a silent and gradual transformation of Old Ireland. As a result of your ingenuity in capturing their final moments, I’ll phone Oslo and recommend you for the Nobel prize for Literature.’ – Bernard Stack, Glin. Co. Limerick.

‘I just got your latest vanishing Ireland and I think its your best yet congratulations looking forward to many more volumes.’ – Joe Coughlan.

‘I am so sorry for not emailing you sooner to tell you about my father’s passing. It came to my mind many times, but even now 5 months on it’s hard to write about him. Seeing his picture on your facebook page made me cry. He was so proud of being in your book. It meant so much to him. You honoured him greatly. I could see that in his eyes in the picture and that’s why I am sorry for not contacting you sooner. It was not because you were not important enough in our lives to be contacted but you know when you put something off till next week…he celebrated his 96th birthday at home a week before he died. He even managed a piece of cake I made for him, though he was not eating much and all his functions were shutting down slowly. It was painful to watch such a strong man fade before our eyes. I thought of the word Vanishing, as you have used, he was , just that, but still, as you have probable seen with your own elder relatives still so present. We were lucky to know him and have him in our lives for so long. He was gentle and kind. I was overwhelmed by my desire to protect him and care for him at the end, luckily he was only 4 days in hospital as he had a fear of hospitals. As a child I felt safe when I heard his key in the door. I am grateful for that too. Everything to do with history and the past in general seems woven into him. I know it’s ok to cry and laugh and that time does make a difference. The Spirit part of me knows there is no death, just transformation and being with him at the end showed me that soft transition. Still the humanness in us all must grieve and so it is.’ – Anonymous, December 2013

‘This was an excellent read and gives a great insight into the lives of those born in Ireland in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s & 50’s. The stories are told by ordinary men & women and they provide both a historical & social history of days gone by. Its one of those books you can leave sitting on your sofa and dip into it now and again and read about the extraordinary lives of our fellow Irish men & women and realise that the Ireland we now live in is so far removed from the Ireland they reminisce about.’ – County Monaghan Librarians.

‘A powerful collection of interviews and images from ordinary people whose memories provide an invaluable link to our past’ – Galway City Tribune.

‘I see your books all over the place, they are marvellous’ – James Grogan, USA.

‘Hi Turtle and James, I was so thrilled to receive a present of your wonderful book, so much so that it inspired me to do some portraits of some of the fantastic people from the book. They remind me of the faces I grew up with. Congrats to you both, Marie’ – Marie O’Driscoll, artist.

‘Thank you so much for the book, Vanishing Ireland. Lovely Book , I will treasure it for ever. It’s great to read the stories of all the older generations, really enjoying it. I love the photo of my Dad (Danny Cullen), it really captures him as he was, It’s how we remember him in later years, Thanks again. Dad would be so Proud and so are we.’ – Cyril Cullen, Dongeal.

‘I found your books in the Cork airport bookstore. I got the one with an old gentleman on the cover. It was so fascinating that I finished it before my flight was over. Now my eyes hurt for reading continuously for so many hours. It seems like it is a global trend that small farms are disappearing and small neighborhoods and local grocers are getting to be things of the past. It is so good to hear their life stories told by themselves. If it is not recorded, the modern generation would not be able to even imagine what life used to be like. It was a great pleasure to meet you and got a chance to read your work through which I learn about the life style of the older Irish generations, the famine, the Spanish flu… I look forward to reading your other works.’ – Kitchi Yuen, California

‘I say this honestly, this is one of the nicest books I have ever had the privilege of receiving, reading and looking through. It is the third in the hugely popular series. It is a masterpiece, an incredible book. Just pick it up and enjoy it. I have to say it again. It’s a beautiful, wonderful book.’ – Gerry Kelly, LMFM.

‘Extraordinary’ – Marisa Reidy, The Kerryman.

‘Just wanted to let you know, we have all of your Vanishing Ireland books and really enjoy them. They are brilliant! Thank you :-)” – Karen Atherton, Portland, Oregon.

‘The Vanishing Ireland Project is extraordinary … I am “hooked” on … fascinating profiles and photos. I’m spreading the word.’ – Robert McNulty, Massachusetts.

‘Beautiful stories brother … I’ve been living in Perth for the last ten years, and these are the stories of Eireann that need to be told. They remind me of the beauty of my country and separate it from all the other nonsense. Thanks again. Just beautiful!’ – John Barrett, Australia.

‘Ordered my series (a gift to myself for Christmas) and received the first in the mail a few days ago. I am so touched by the beautifully written stories and sensitive photos encased in the hard protective covers of the book, just as we, bearing witness to the history and pride of Ireland’s people, protectively integrate the wisdom deep within ourselves, never to let it be forgotten. Thank you so much for this gift, Vanishing Ireland author and photographer, extraordinary!’ – Sharon Miller Schaffer, Connecticut.

‘I purchased 4 copies of Volume II last fall, one for myself, the others for gifts, and I looked for more volumes of Vanishing Ireland while in Ireland again last week. Brilliant work, and a fabulous project to undertake, I commend these writers/photographers! I’ll be purchasing the whole series as soon as I can get my hands on them! Really, really worthwhile reading, and for so many of us, it helps trigger our own memories of our Irish grandparents, great-aunts and great-uncles!’ – Marybeth C.P., USA.

‘Vanishing Ireland book is beautiful, the perfect Christmas gift for expats!’ – Marian Brady, Chicago.

‘The third release in the Vanishing Ireland series, this stunning book includes images and interviews with ordinary Irish people, all of whom share their memories of the past in an honest and thought-provoking way. As Ireland continues to move away from its traditions and history, people from all walks of life and from all around Ireland are brought together to provide an invaluable link to our past.’ – Ireland of the Welcomes.

‘I now have all 3 of your wonderful books … I’m always waiting for the next. I have been fortunate enough to visit Ireland twice once in January,08 for 1 week again in April 2011 for 2 weeks..thanks so much for giving us the perspective of the older generation..myself being 72 but realizing I have lived a much easier life. Again, Thank You both for these wonderful memories.’ – Pat James MacFadyenCalifornia.

‘Many congratulations to you on the most tremendous publication purchased at Easons – Vanishing Ireland. OMG I sooo love it – the text, the stories – a heartfelt Thank You for providing such a resource for future generations to have and to hold. Keep up the good work!’ – Breeda, Ireland.

‘A wonderful book … its literally like turning back the clock to a century ago … great stories, lovely photographs.’ – Derek Mooney, RTE Radio 1.

‘Congratulations on your Vanishing Ireland which we have and love!’ – Áine Lalor-Ó Cathasaigh, Howth.

‘A wonderful publication’ – Jennifer Goff, Curator of Furniture & Eileen Gray collections at the National Museum of Ireland

‘I just bought two of your Vanishing Ireland books (2009 & 2011). Fantastic. Well done…what a great piece of journalism. Super to record these stories before they are gone. I did read with regret Johnny Golden – Gouldy’s – story. Such a sad ending to a great man, what a talent. Ar dheis De go raibh a anam.’ – Maeve Collins.

‘Very well done – without our oral tradition we cannot know who we are’ – Patricia Bruen, Ireland.

‘So well written. Made me shed a tear. Oh, to just have one chance to go back to the days that captured my heart oh so long ago, if only for a brief moment so I could breathe deeply the traditions I so long for now. Thank you.” – Sharon Miller Schaffer, Connecticut.

‘The Vanishing Ireland series is great and keeps on going’ – Julia Crampton, Virginia.

‘I find your work on recording the history of vanishing Ireland excellent. I am originally from Feohanagh, a village in West Limerick which lke so many rural place has lost so many amenities, but the people remain resilient I stumbled across your website today. Your articles are excellent and your website is well presented. Keep up the goood work.’ – John Barry, New York.

‘Thanks for making the unfashionable fashionable. Big shout out for all the old Codgers. Join you v soon. Times short celebrate the “importance of a single moments in time, the instance when you are fully and completely alive” ur characters are. Reminds us all wealth is living. Thanks!!’ – Grellan Levins, Co. Louth.

‘I am not Irish but my wife has Tipperary roots. I have purchased all 4 volumes of ‘Vanishing Ireland’ and have enjoyed them all.’ – Carmen DiGiacomo, Pittsburgh, PA.

‘Loved your Vanishing Ireland books, by the way – they make great presents.’ – Clíona Mhic Ghiollachuda.

‘Great series, just love it.’ – Laurie Mielcarek Schaefer, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I borrowed this book from a very good friend when I lived in Ireland and I read it all. It was a beautiful book and well presented and it was a magical glimpse at the lives of people who are a world apart compaired with todays Ireland. I loved it and reminded me of my own grandparents from this era when they were alive. I just need to get my own copy now to have. :))’- Teresa Ward CdaKarstark

‘Congratulations on your book Vanishing Ireland which we received as a gift at christmas. I am so delighted that someone has the vision to produce such a fine record of what is indeed vanishing. I have many memories of just such houses and people as I am this month retiring from my job as a public health nurse, which I started thirty years ago. The memory of such people and places is like a colourful tapestry in my mind and I have often wished I had kept more records of all the individual sayings and stories, yarns, curses and recipes that I encountered over the years! Many of them will stay with me forever but your book will be a reminder. It is indeed a treasure. I will buy myself the book of the pubs which I have not seen yet, except on the net! I have taken to painting for a hobby and am really enjoying, so its also great to get some inspiration from the photos. Yours sincerely’ – Eithne Lynch.

‘Congratulations on the wonderful masterpiece you have created with James Fennell – I have no doubt it will bring hours of pleasure to many households over Christmas and New Year. I bought the book as a present for an elderly relative – so I am off to the shop today to get my own copy! Having been reared in the West of Ireland in the 1970’s, it brings back so many memories.’ – Kevin Connaire.

‘Amazing personal accounts of life in Ireland. Well worth a read’ – Ruth Barrett, Cork.

‘Wonderful portraits!’ – Linda Horvay, Lexington, Kentucky.

‘Just writing to tell you my granny just finished your book ‘Vanishing Ireland’, and she said it was good but she is older than the whole lot of them.’ – Liam Tracey, Ireland.

‘Your books have given us many hours of enjoyment these past few years.’ – Kevin & Linda Brown, Shropshire, UK

‘Beautiful job on VI3! I have already fallen madly in love with a whole new set of characters…..and I DO mean characters! The beauty of the writing brings tears to the eye, and the pictures are amazing! Well done, you two!!!’ – Suzette Minton, Cincinatti, Ohio.

‘It is our boast to proclaim that one of our regular contributors, Paddy Faley, who died last October, is featured in Vanishing Ireland’ – Parish Annual – Loughill Ballyhahill.

‘Spectacular … Amazing’ – Karen Griffin, Victoria, Australia.

‘I have one of these books and love it! My children love to look at it and see what my half of their heritage is. It’s a very precious book in my house’ – Aísling Monaghan Mills.

‘I love your Vanishing Ireland books. They took me back to my childhood.’ – Maureen Aherne, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

‘I discovered your books while in Ireland in 2010 and came home and bought them right away…. great stories about amazing people!!’ – Sara Schonlau, Washington.

‘Really nice idea that vanishing Ireland and Fennel’s photography is great also’ – Paddy Mitchell, Spain.

‘Some real treasures! Thanks for the good work’ – Jane O’Connor, USA.

‘Recently ordered “Vanishing Ireland” and my wife and I are reading it together. A wonderful read and great addition to our library. Your talent is greatly appreciated.’ – Larry Cowles, Mount Vernon, Kentucky.

‘Love your books’ – Amber Saxton, north Texas.

‘I am so impressed by the stories and by those photos. It gives me a real flavor of our people. Many of my roots comes from Ireland.’ – John Manuel, New York.

‘Congratulations on your fantastic book’ – Dee Sweeney, Co. Offaly.

”My most courteous Turtle, I James J Hackett of the above address being by nature a lover of the good things of life, especially when those good things have been bestowed on I by others, such as you have recently done by sending I a complimentary copy of your excellent work of ‘Vanishing Ireland’, I now take the liberty to thank you and your friend very much, and wish also to say that the book has generated quite a lot of interest and joy to persons both here, and Athlone, also in Cork (West) where my sister Ann O’Callaghan resides. Wherever I go, I am getting feedback on your work. You also gave it a good airing on RTE Radio 1 with Derek Mooney. Thanking you again – from this wild lonely but friendly bogs and moorlands I bid you a good literary 2012.’ James J. Hackett (and Michael Hackett), Co. Westmeath.

‘Fantastic series of books’ – Kevin Smyth, Co. Leitrim.

‘Wonderful life affirming stories from people who, in the main, had very little by today’s standards yet whose memories are full of simple joys. I’ve laughed like a hyena and cried like a hound reading those books. Everyone has a story to tell. A lesson for all of us there, I think. Thanks Turtle, for saving these people for posterity.’ – Esther Doyle.

‘I seriously love this book. As of last week when I stumbled across this, I am a huge fan!! Love your work, Turtle :)”‘- Liz Conroy DeVault WelterIllinois.

‘I have two Vanishing Ireland books, Vanishing Ireland, and Vanishing Ireland (Further Chronicles of a disappearing world). They are just magnificent. The quality of the photos and the stories of the people photographed are such a pleasure to read. Defo ones for the ole bookcase.’ – Fiona Scallon Farrell, Co. Fermanagh.

‘I would love to join you in your travels and just sketch those wonderful faces. Not to mention the hands, in fact the whole caboodle.’ – Eva Santus, Whitstable.

‘Enjoy your books so much use them quite a lot in the Nursing home in Naas where I work they are always a great conversation piece with our residents – looking forward to the 2013 edition of Vanishing Ireland coming our way.’ – Mary Darker, Naas.

‘Loved your last book. Great to see Eammon Madden the Farrier still doing well’ – James Blyth, formerly of Athenry, Co. Galway.

‘Our copy arrived in Cincinnati Ohio on Friday, along with our copy of Pubs. It’s a good thing we got both, or there might have been some contentious moments in the Minton household this weekend! Beautiful and brilliant, as always!’ – Suzette Minton, Ohio.

‘Absolutely magical – everyone who comes in to the house has a little read! Well done to you both.’ – Aisling Hurley, Ireland.

‘I started to read Vanishing Ireland and found I had a lump in my throat. It is so evocative and a wonderful work to have captured such age-old stories from a bygone age and from such remarkable people. This way, they will never be forgotten and it is so necessary to remember our past. It is a wonderful book. Thank you. I will treasure it always.’ – Eldrith Ward, Hampshire, UK.

‘Beautiful book’ – Evan McElligott, Portland, Maine.

‘Got one for my dad for Christmas, think I’m going to get one for myself now too!’ – Alison Donnelly, Co. Dublin.

‘Just got your new book and love it. It always makes me cry – in a good way!’ – Katryna Lynch, Co. Kerry.

‘The Society apreciate the permission of photographer James Fennell and writer Turtle Bunbury to reproduce their article on Willie Sheehan from their excellent book “Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of Our Changing Times” published 2011 by Hachette Books Ireland. Space constraints have prevented the use of all the outstanding photographs which visually enhance the feature. The book is very well presented with unique profiles of Irish men and women like our own Willie Sheehan who are now in advancing years. Available from all good bookstores.’ – The Hereford Society of Ireland.

‘Your latest VI book is absolutely brilliant and a credit to you and Jimbob’ – Sue Kilbracken, Co. Leitrim.

‘In Mum’s final 3 weeks your ‘Vanishing Ireland’ book arrived from Amazon that I had purchased and it gave great pleasure to us, and Mum, to be able to read her the beautiful and sometimes funny stories’ – Sarah Hazel, Australia.

‘What an absolute delight ! What a lovely history of our country! Thank you to both Turtle and James for turning memory into an art form and allowing us an enhanced sense of place and our Elders. What a delight it is to read their stories … opening the gates of their memory so that we can tread on a finer sense of history. Thank you for this very precious Ireland. A book to be bought in a bookshop. What a treasure :)’ – Mabel Carlos Glynn, Spain.

‘A thing of beauty and a joy forever’ – Ger White, Limerick.

‘Fab photos showing the essence of each character’ – East Kerry Reaching Out.

‘Excellently scripted and admirably portrayed; pages beneath whose surface one can submerge into nostalgia and reminiscence yet gain a clear understanding of human spirit and endeavour which may be less evident in our current times. Such a volume so beautifully produced and so full of life well deserves a place on the Christmas list’. – Bruce Edwards, Kent Life, England.

‘Great books… well done and congrats on the very positive review. When I saw the 1st edition I was totally moved because it reminded me so much of the people I had the privilege of knowing including John Murphy who you featured.’ – Vincent Hyland, Co. Kerry.

‘Excellent volumes, all of them!” – John Countryman.

‘A fabulous book … a real hit in Moate Library’ – Lorna Farrell, Moate Library, Co. Westmeath.

‘Lovely book’ – Niamh Mc Sharry, Co. Sligo.

‘Your book is a great hit here. It’s been well read and is on our coffee table for everyone to enjoy.’ – Corrie Sturgeon, Canada.

‘Times have changed, but this book will ensure past experiences are not forgotten.’ – Enniscorthy Guardian.

‘Your books are all fantastic, I love them!!” – Anne Elizabeth Kane, Australia.

‘Love this book!’ – Jessica Ní Ruairc, San Francisco.

‘A beautiful series’ – Daria Blackwell, Co. Mayo.

‘Excellent books!! Keep up the good work Mr Bunbury!!!’ – Tim Scanlon, Galway.

‘A beautiful piece of work!’ – Liz Cairns, Co. Fermanagh.

‘Lavish … evocative’ – The Tipperary Nationalist.

‘These books touch your heart – just awesome’ – Wendy Butler-Murphy, UK.

‘Fascinating life-stories from Co Galway and elsewhere … in a beautifully presented collection’ – The Tuam Herald.

‘Your book just made one Chicago man very happy this weekend. Thank you.’ – Jennifer Allen, Limerick.

‘Touching tribute to a way of life that is vanishing’ – Barbara Rowan Skwarski

‘Superlative’ – Elizabeth Brennan.

‘Beautiful’ – Evan McElligott, Portland, Maine.

‘I have the books ! Deadly pictorial history of ireland!’ – Catherine Clinton.

‘This book is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in Ireland of the past!” – Caroline Sloane

‘Yeah for feckology….love the books!’ – Suzanne Richer.

‘Wonderful photos and stories’ – JR Ni Dhubhghaill.

‘Have 2 ‘vanishing ireland’ books, never tire of reading those amazing stories’ – Alex McKee (Larkin)

‘A captivating and poignant portrait … the third volume of the highly evocative publication tells the stories of ordinary men and women and their memories of years gone by, providing us with an invaluable link to our past in a rapidly changing Ireland.’ – Deirdre Verney, Westmeath Independent.

‘My family and I have enjoyed all of your Vanishing Ireland books for many years now. Especially my father, who receives a new edition of the book every Christmas for the last few years. Whoever from our family manages to get their hands on the latest edition first knows that they have the gifts that will top all gifts for that year. My sister managed to pick up the latest book already for 2011 so I have been trumped!’ – Teresa Clarke, Co. Dublin.

‘Very evocative set of books but I work in a library, so don’t need to buy them!’ – David Bridges.

‘Stunning’ – South Tipp Today.

“From the Netherlands I first like to let you know that I’m very impressed and touched by your beatiful books about the elder people, the history, the living and so on… in Ireland. I have the first two books at home and I just ordered the third. Two years ago I was in Ireland for some walking and cycling and walking around in a city I saw in a small bookshop the beautifull book “Vanishing Ireland” (the second one). Of course I bought it. One of the following days we saw in our hotel in the Burren that there was an other edition too. It was there for the customers. In the bookshops they said it was sold out so we went back to Holland with only the second edition. A friend of mine was so happy to find the first edition for me. For me the books are some kind of big inspiration from the moment I saw the book.” – Willemien Veldhuizen, Netherlands.

‘Delightful’ – Fr. Paddy O’Donovan, New Jersey.

‘Beautiful stuff’ – Jackie Mitchell, Co. Wicklow.

‘Great history and insight in “Vanishing Ireland”….thank you for gathering their stories from these wonderful strong people.” – Margaret M Ryan.

‘”What a face! Wonderful.’ – Victoria Smurfit.

‘I absolutely love your Vanishing Ireland books. The perfect mix of fantastic storytelling and James stunning photography. I simply fell in love with each of your characters and wanted to know more on each of them.’ – Ashling-Dympna McKenna.

‘Congratulations on your latest book. Your book that features Mrs Crowley lives behind the bar in the pub which is run by her son and is viewed by many of the visitors, and receives great comments.’ – Rowland Blennerhassett, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Well done to you both for all your hard work in producing such a wonderful book. We both purchased a book signed by yourself and James and what a lovely keepsake.’ – Marie Fitzgerald, Glin, Co. Limerick.

‘Truly beautiful’ – Katie Theasby, Co. Clare.

‘It is such a blessing to have these wonderful books become available to us, it makes this time with Mum very special as we share and learn together. How lucky we feel to have something so uplifting at an otherwise sad time.’ – Sarah Ogilvie, New South Wales, Australia.

‘An amazing project’ – Paddy Cullivan, Dublin.

‘I love these books the stories are wonderful, the photographs are just beautiful and they put the spotlight on ordinary, decent people whose stories would otherwise never be known. Well done.’ – Elaine Laverty Photography, Tipperary.

‘I am a fan of Vanishing Ireland. greetings from Italy. We should do the same in all Europe.. collecting stories’ – Roberta Richiero, Italy.

‘These books are wonderful. There is a lot of the wry wit and humour of the older generations expressed in the individual accounts and you get a great sense of the personalities of the people as well as an historical account of their lives and times. And the photographs are really great.’ – Geraldine Mcnamara, Westport, Co. Mayo.

‘Vanishing Ireland is fantastic. Thank you Turtle and James’ – Jenny Smith.

Saw the article in Leitrim Observer about Vanishing Ireland – fascinating! That’s hubby’s Christmas Present sorted.’ – Mrs Cleary, Co. Fermanagh.

‘The new edition of Vanishing Ireland is on sale in Eason’s for €24.99 at the moment! Fantastic-thats my Christmas shopping sorted!’ – Lorna Davis, Co. Carlow.

“If you do one thing this week, view ‘Vanishing Ireland: Recollections of Our Changing Times’ – The Sunday Independent

‘I have this book and the last book. I love Vanishing Ireland. Pictures tell a thousand words.’ – Julie Feehily, Co. Wicklow.

‘Impressive’ – Irene Feighan, Cork.

‘Great’ – Mary Rose Everan, Co. Kildare.

‘Invoking great memories…what a wonderful world’ – Dermot Griffin, Australia.

‘Ireland is vanishing. Sure isn’t the past always slipping away? Turtle Bunbury and James Fennell are capturing stories & photos. Poignant, moving, touching too. Go see and enjoy. Now all we’re missing is the music and a pint …’ – Andrew Lovatt, Dublin.

‘Thanks again for the great treasure that is Vanishing Ireland. – Philomena Daly, Co. Cavan.

‘I email to congratulate you and say how much I admire your productivity and professionalism, and the match of sound academic work with money spinners of high quality and deserved commercial success’ – Jack Tenison, Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.

‘I was thinking how apt the title, Vanishing Irish, actually is. All those individuals in the book are descended from families that have lived in the locality for hundreds of years and are fading fast. In their place comes multi-cultural new Ireland, a silent and gradual transformation of Old Ireland. As a result of your ingenuity in capturing their final moments, I’ll phone Oslo and recommend you for the Nobel prize for Literature.’ – Bernard Stack, Glin, Co. Limerick.

‘Wonderful’ – Anna Bagally, South Africa.

‘The new book looks great, a really polished look this time – not that the others weren’t, but this one just oozes quality’ – Andy Cairns, Co. Fermanagh.

‘Vanishing Ireland’ is a gorgeous production – photos and words; great Christmas present.’ – Patricia O’Reilly, Dublin.

‘Congrats! It sure is a treasure!’ – Philomena Daly, Co. Limerick.

‘Your new book is also excellent’ – Mairead Bermingham, Co. Dublin.

‘Superb photography and a superb book’ – Teresa Brown, Whitstable, Kent, UK.

‘A worthy episode in a beautiful and important series. I was speaking to Johnny Abbott last night and he was absolutely delighted with his appearance.’ – John McCartin, Co. Leitrim.

‘Vanishing Ireland’ is a theme very close to my heart. When I read your recent book, I was thrilled at the celebration of the people portrayed; indeed I have restored a cottage near Ballymote and I absolutely love the people all around; they have depth, wisdom and great warmth. It truly is a privilege to be part of their community. We will look forward to the next enchanting, delightful book!’ – Claire Roche, Ireland.

‘Just to let you know i have book 1 and 2 cant wait to see the next one i think all houses should have a copy as it is the best book to show case what ireland was to what it is now keep it up.’ – Winnie Walsh, Ireland.

‘I believe it does us all good to remember that life was not very comfortable for lots of the wonderful people portrayed in your books of Ireland past….perhaps reading them would help us all to get the present into a valued perspective’ – Maeve Kyle, Co. Antrim.

‘Whilst touring in Ireland last week I spent some time browsing in a bookshop in Westport and came across copies of your works, titled ‘Vanishing Ireland’. I found the contents extremely interesting and informative and purchased copies for my home library, thank you.’ – Kevin P McDermott.

‘Your book is truly beautiful, a work of art. I was inspired by it to do my radio documentary so thank you so much. I would love if my documentary would be as inspirational as the photographs in your book’ – Noelle Francis Smith.

‘Heard your Matt Cooper interview and really enjoyed it. You both have done a great service in bringing these great people to the young Irish who would not be aware of them. Its not all electric gates and cctv. I made this video of our village of Clogh using old and new pics –‘ – John Coffey, Clogh, Co Kilkenny.

‘The books are fantastic. Keep up with the good work.’ – Dave Seel, Indiana, USA.

‘We all enjoyed the book immensely and thank you very much for including Granny [Gretta Carter]. You did a wonderful job, as the book chronicles parts of Irish heritage and culture that would have otherwise been forgotten in years to come. Well done!” – Leon de Barra, Co Laois.

‘I enjoy the Vanishing Ireland series very much. Keep up the good work’ – Denise Rooney.

‘I love reading the Vanishing Ireland books and can’t wait to read the third one :)’ – Karen Breen Byrne.

‘Turtle it would be quite difficult to express in words the great happiness, joy, peace, and relaxation I experience in seeing the pictures with the brief interviews and history in Vanishing Ireland. You have made it possible for me, age 79 to make the trip to the land of my ancestry. Thank you.’ – Doyce Nolan, Anniston, Alabama.

‘Growing up in Ireland in the late 60’s early 70’s I was privileged to have known a generation of people that my Grandfather belonged to. As I grew older and had a family of my own I began to realise the importance of this generation in my life and I kind of mourned the loss of them. As I shared some of the stories I had grown up with, to my own children, I remembered the faces, their style of telling their stories, their homes with precious reminders about them, the banter and the laughter … a forgotten time that had only just passed. So when I came across the writings of Turtle Bunbury in his magnificent book series ‘Vanishing Ireland’, I was delighted … even more so when I came across them on line. If, like myself, you grew up in similar surroundings you’ll appreciate the value of such personal histories and the photography helps to bring these people alive. ‘ – The Irish Way.

‘When I discovered this series of books by this writer I was so delighted. I am not old but my grandparents are long past now since I was a teenager and use to love their stories and the history they related to me of times long past and how they lived, very simple people with simple lives. That I still truely miss after all these years. So these books and photos were magical to read and to see the photos, brilliant, wonderful memories from the past.’ – Teresa Ward Cda.

‘Wonderful work’ – Louisa Dunne, Sydney, Australia.

‘Excellent books, best wishes for the bestseller lists’ – Jean Casey.

‘In one of your Vanishing Ireland books your interviewed our Pat Gleeson – beautiful!’ – Linda O’Berrigan, New York.

‘Congratulations on your fabulous book, it is a real gem. I heard your interview with Ryan [Tubridy] on playback, as people heard it live and telephoned me. Well done and thanks. Statia [Anastasia Kealy] is very grateful and enjoying it all. With every blessing, may it be a best seller.’ – Father Ian O’Neill, Diocesan Secretary, The Cathedral, Galway.

‘Absolutely wonderful! So inspirational! I now have to track down the first book’ – Keith Glasgow, Co. Tyrone.

‘I got a present of your book Vanishing Ireland for Christmas and I am thoroughly enjoying it. My wife who comes from Cavan especially loves the photographs and descriptions of the old boys and girls from around that area. Although she says there are still a few of them left, they are fast disappearing.’ – Jimmy Kelly, Dublin.

‘I bought the book at Dublin airport on my way back to Spain. I thoroughly enjoyed it.’ – Grace Hills, Cadiz.

‘I love these glimpses into another world. Thank you.” – Trisha McLatchie

‘Incredible historical source… marvellous pics and writing… well done’ – Billy Austin, Portadown, Co. Armagh

‘I have 2 ‘Vanishing Ireland’ books, never tire of reading those amazing stories’ – Alex Mckee (Larkin)

‘I would love to live in an old thatched cottage with a fireplace one could possibly walk in too because of it’s size! In a deep rooted sense I envy these people. It can be easy to lead yourself astray and be lead astray without even realizing it’s happing. I raise a glass to the Vanishing Ireland!’ – Peg Trupia

‘I had borrowed this book from a very good friend when I lived in Ireland and I read it all. It was a beautiful book and well presented and it was a magical glimpse at the lives of people who are a world apart compared with todays Ireland. I loved it and reminded me of my own grandparents from this era when they were alive. I just need to get my own copy now to have. :))’ – Teresa Ward Cda

‘I recently spent a wonderful afternoon reading through your book “The Irish Pub” while sipping pints in Curran’s Bar in Dingle. Definitely picking up a copy now :-)’ – Robbie Kennedy

‘These “unclaimed treasures” in Inchicore; coal-mining and indigo blue in Arigna; this beautiful “silver surfer” in Pearse St.; “Money is not all” in Kilsheelan. The telling so simple. The reading embellishing. The tellers, a country´s people. Mary. Jenny. Maureen. Connie. Joe. Betty. Joseph. Annie now known to a group of eager apprentices of English from Ireland in this southernmost of Spanish towns laden with its own social history. Learning beyond the textbook . I love everyone of these Historians.’ – Mabel Carlos Glynn

‘I love that book!!!!’ – Karen Leitner

These people aren’t just subjects to you, are they Turtle. They’re not forgotten once you’ve interviewed them. In this shallow cynical world where a person’s value is measured by their wealth and their influence, you take time to mark the passing of those who, in most cases, had neither. You’re a fond, decent man, Turtle. God bless.’ – Esther Doyle

‘I was given a present of the last volume of Vanishing Ireland and found it a fascinating production and so interesting. The presentation, format and clarity of pictures is just terrific.’ – Stephen Talbot, Co. Kildare.

‘A fantastic piece of work’ – Ella McSweeny, Dublin.

‘I am George Thomas‘s nephew. I love the work you have done and the obvious great respect you had for such a wonderful man as George was. Some of the great highlights of my life revolve around the very special times I was fortunate enough to share with George at Greenan Mor. In 1995 I visited with Mum and we spent great days reliving their history and jaunts to Wexford chasing family ties. I even spent my honeymoon in Ireland in 1999 and we had a great time visiting George and once again touring to various locations with him. He was very excited the day we went down to Fota Island and witnessed the great variety of beasts, especially how giraffes grazed grass…Fortunate enough to have another visit in 2004 with Fiona and Mum once again and that same deep respect for George was generated by his wonderful manner and his proud existence at such a beautiful homestead. One of these days I must get around to putting all the footage I have onto file and decipher the cassette tapes I have recorded with him on our travels. Once again thanks for all you did for George and telling the world about a wonderful man.’ – Dermot Griffin, Australia.

‘I bought a couple for presents last Christmas, really good’ – Fionnuala Dunne, Ireland.

‘A truly amazing book’ – Yvonne Kelly,

‘They don’t make them like that anymore….What a face ! What a fantastic project. I want to own the series….Good for you guys.” – Serena Rogers, Alberta.

‘Beautiful – makes u wish the people featured in them would stick around and teach us all a thing or two about living a life’ – Martina O’Brien Morley, Ireland.

‘Wonderful’ – Kathryn Maguire, Dublin.

‘Fantastic pictures – old Ireland at its best :-)’ – Martina Grogan.

‘Love and own all your books, and the are fab gifts for Ireland addicts in the States! Keep up the good work and looking forward to the Vanishing NY soon’ – Julee Rodgers Clerkin, Midleton, Co. Cork

‘I recently bought ‘Vanishing Ireland, Vol 2′, which I am really enjoying as it reminds me of my childhood in Ireland, and a lot of wonderful characters I knew there. Will there be any more in the series? There are still people like your subjects in rural Tipperary and Mayo, but they are departing from us. It is sad, but good that you are telling their stories. Thank you.’ – Maggie Ryan, Orlando, Florida.

‘Loved your book which I ordered on line from Ireland’ – Michelle Wilson, Vermont USA.

‘I’ve read it back and front and I lent it to my grandson’ – Sam Codd, Aughrim, Co. Wicklow.

‘I just wanted to commend you on the lovely article in Vanishing Ireland on poor Johnny Golden and I must say that your words kindly soul couldn’t be more true. Johnny worked as a mechanic for my father for twenty years. He may of been an orphan but he was part of more peoples family than you can imagine. He spent every Christmas day at our table, he would land on the honda with the box of USA biscuits and a video of some vintage show or the making of the Lister engine or something, as kids we did not appreciate our Christmas days tv been taken over by tractors but by God I’d watch the makin of the Lister everyday if it would bring him back. Anyway I just said I’d drop you a line on this sad sad day and let you know that Johnny was very proud of being in your book and thank you for your kind words for our dear friend, God speed to him cause if there’s a God in heaven then Johnny is surely with him.’ – Roisin Kenny, Co. Leitrim.

‘I L.O.V.E. Vanishing Ireland!’ – Samantha Boylan.

‘These books are an amazing insight into the social history of our people. For those of us of an older generation his books take us back to times of innocence and the joys of our youth, despite the many hardships.’ – Lorraine Dormer, Co. Offaly.

‘I think yours books Vanishing Ireland are wonderful. I have given my parents both volumes as christmas presents. My father is eighty years old and still working. He is an newspaper vendor. He has been working on the streets of Cork since he was ten years old. Out in all kinds of weather 364 days a year. Remember last winter!! He is one of the “vanishing Ireland” No young person would work the hours or conditions he has worked. About 40 years ago Frank Hall did a feature on him. Thanks again for your wonderful books.’ Margaret O’Sullivan, Cork.

‘I bought one of the ‘Vanishing Ireland’ books in Kilkenny on Sunday and the woman in the shop had nothing only praise for you.’ – Annette Egan, Co. Offaly.

‘My wife and I very much enjoyed your last book “Vanishing Ireland”. The photography by James Fennell was of particular interest. My wife being a former portrait photographer and having been exposed to the art, we were quite impressed by the quality of the portraits. As for myself, I like a good story and you certainly have a way with words, not to mention your noble quest to pass on to future generations some idea of the way things were not that many years ago, for some of us, within our lifetimes.’ Roger Nowlan, Ottawa, Canada.

‘We see your book everywhere in the shops and I bought a few for our own Library and as Christmas presents. Great book!’ – Renata Helnwein, Co. Tipperary.

‘I enjoyed your book Vanishing Ireland, thank you.’ – Maurice O’Neill, Co. Kildare.

‘Both books are just lovely … a real treasure’ – Anne Marie Corcoran, Donegal.

‘It is a credit to you and James for putting together such an excellent chronicle of our Vanishing legends. They are all amazing people that must not be forgotten.I’m so glad to have met and being a friend and neighbor of George Thomas, one of the remarkable people in Vanishing Ireland 2. Each family in Ireland should have a copy of this fantastic book to share with their family and remember these Vanishing People. I have purchased 20 copies so far as gifts for family and friends and am delighted to be spreading the memories of the Ireland of old. I dropped a copy to Terry Willers (Cartoonist) last Thursday – he spoke at George’s Funeral and he loved it. In deed we chatted about George while remembering respective times sitting around the fire with him – just like the pic ! He said that he used to do stuff for Walt Disney years ago and, if they came knocking on his door again, they would want him to reproduce that very shot.’ – Denis Reilly, Co Wiclow.

‘I simply could not praise it highly enough. It is a brilliant book. I just love it – very special for all sorts of reasons. So far anyone who has seen it admires it greatly and wants a copy. I could nearly set up a little bookshop! a really wonderful publication.’You are to be congratulated for capturing these tales and producing such an enchanting book. It is a real gem that promises to become a collector’s item. It really gives a perceptive insight into the fading world of old Ireland, and has a compelling, page turning quality all of its own. Sensitive text and portraits … breathtaking scenes … its perfect for anyone with a love of history or a love of Ireland or both.’ – Sue Kilbracken, Co Leitrim.

‘A brilliant achievement Turtle, congrats! Can’t help thinking you should have published a cheese and onion edition,……….. you’d have pipped Mr Tayto with that!’ – Gala Hutton, Co. Carlow.

‘A beautiful glossy coffee table book. It had us all captivated’ – John Toal, BBC Ulster.

‘A beautiful book’ – Eileen Clouse, Michigan, USA.

‘Fantastic’ – Ann Marie Sheehan, Co. Mayo.

‘I got the second book in the series as a Christmas present from my daughter last year and really enjoyed it.’ – Gearoid O’Brien, Co. Westmeath.

‘A brilliant text and magnificent photographs – many congratulations to you and James’ – Sir Richard Butler, Gozo.

‘A wonderful read and a very important historical documentary’ – Colette Phillips, Ireland.

‘I love your vanishing ireland books – the photographs are so real and beautiful’ – Paula Hanley.

‘They can’t keep your book in stock in Ballymote. Fancy doing a signing? Would say you will be given freedom of the city or something’ – Andrew Davidson, Ballymote, Co. Sligo.

‘Congratulations on yere success of the books, the writings and photography are lovely’ – Lisa Daly, Ballyhahill, Co. Limerick.

‘I have just finished reading your second volume of ‘Vanishing Ireland’ which I really enjoyed. James and you are a winning team. Your words and his pictures tell a total story of peoples lives which conventional historians would not touch. It is a great record for people to look back on and in future years to see how people really lived. There are quite a few characters around the country even in this area if you decide to write another volume. Wishing you continued success. You have a special talent and looking forward to more books in the future.’ – Mary Kelly, Clonegal, Co. Wexford.

‘Its great. Well done. So important to record these great characters’ – Marie Treanor, Clones, Co. Monaghan.

‘Well done Turtle, another fine job. Time to celebrate’ – Andrew Lamb, Scotland.

‘I just wanted to compliment you on the Vanishing Ireland series, I bought the books for my parents both of whom are in their 70’s and they loved them. I ended up buting my own copies also, they really are execellent books’ – Mary O’Connor, Ireland.

‘I think that this is an extremely important and valuable piece of work. I feel the characters in this book are the last of a generation and when they are gone will never be replaced. I grew up in the country outside a small village and these are the people who lived around me (majority are now dead). There are many characters in my youth that would have matched the profiles of the characters in the book. I look at them and I read about Nellie Kelly, Paddy Heneghan, Eileen Hall etc. and I feel both sad and happy. Happy that I have known people like them and sad that my nieces never will.’ – Frances Browne, Co. Louth.

‘I saw this book advertised while on holiday in Ireland, couldn’t find a copy over there but got this one through Amazon. Brilliant book, every person in the book has a great story to tell, and unbeknown to us inside were two Nuns from Athy who taught my dear wife at the convent boarding school she attended. We were having lunch with them a week before we discovered they were in the book, what a small amazing world.’ – Martin Shadbolt, London.

‘It is with great melancholy that I viewed [the ‘Vanishing Ireland’ photos] today. I always wanted to visit Ireland and make that connection because my Great-grandmother (and others) were Irish. Since I was in my 20’s, I thought “I’ll make that boat someday.” Now it seems that I may only be able to celebrate those days with books like yours in lieu of living them. I wanted first of all to congratulate and thank you for taking the time to make such a huge gift to the world. A portrait of time as it is seen carved into the faces of your book. I know that the oral tradition has been dying since books became popular and I always wanted to record tales and such before they became lost or worse “modernized” or”sanitized” for the coffee tables of America. I just wanted you to know that even browsing the incredible photos was like a fantastic journey for me and I so appreciate your work. Take care and keep shining’. Robert Bidleman, Sebastopol, California.

Loved it … an inspiring project’ – Richard Fitzpatrick, Irish Examiner.

‘Vanishing Ireland will make you happy. Layout of book is superb: large size, excellent paper, but above all, brilliant color. But the heart of the book is in its characters. The people are old but wise and knowledgeable. They symbolize simple times. They all seem to have good hearts and are content with the simplicity of their lives and the lack of material goods. They have their faults but their faces reveal their simplicity and a happiness that radiates on their faces. You can learn a lot from these people. They know of a world where people visited each other on a frequent basis, where people got on their bicycles to go places. I am 59 and do not like what life has turned into. This book allows me to escape this modern world of stress and congestion. If you want to buy a very good item that will help your soul, or to get good Christmas or birthday presents, then get this book. It is inexpensive- a very good deal. I learned of this book when looking at magazine Ireland of the Welcomes. I will refer to this book again and again. It will make you happy.’ Dennis Sullivan.

‘Outstanding’ – Clive Mulville, Argentina.

‘This is the second book in the series, it is as interesting as the first. Gives you an insight as to what Ireland was like’ – Mrs D.M. Tomlins, Derbyshire.

‘An absolutely beautiful book, full of evocative images – unfortunately as this was bought as a present for someone following a recommendation by an extremely enthusiastic owner of the first volume, I didn’t read the text myself before I handed it over so can’t comment personally about that….. BUT the recipient loved the book and I’m about to buy a copy for myself. Stunning photographs full of wonderful characters . A way of life which is sadly fast disappearing in Ireland, but this at least goes some way towards capturing its essence.’ – Caffwyn, UK.

‘I enjoyed it very much indeed’ – Myles Campbell, Dublin.

‘Just to let you know that a group of Irish missionary nuns in South Africa thoroughly enjoyed reading your second book’ – Vincent P Martin, Co. Monaghan.

‘Johnny Fyfe reminds me of my father, he looks so kind and gentle. What a great work you do, I love your work, please go on with it, these people have worked so much that this is a way to say thank you to them.’ – Teresa Martin, Spain.

‘Fabulous!’ – Sophie Nicholson, Co. Meath.

‘Brilliant Collection – I was waiting in a reception area the other day and your book Vanishing Ireland was there – 2007/8 edition. Its a great read and the photos are so fantastic – the book is in my xmas stocking each year…..Love it.’ – Robertstown Holiday Village, Naas.

‘I think this is my favourite so far. A really lovely selectiion, great photography and some of the characters are totally familiar’ – Delia Drummond, UK.

‘My dad [Jim Kielty] wants to send a big thank you to you for sending him a signed book with Bernie Dwyer. The book looks great and had fun reading bits out to Jim on Friday last. Pictures are lovely also.’ – Catherine Whitehead, Co Sligo.

‘Congratulations with the book, it is lovely. Is that a misprint about Jim Taylor O’Malley? He CAN’T be 84!’ – Mairtin Dalton (and no, it wasn’t a misprint!)

‘Finally l have the wonderful Vanishing Ireland book here in Australia!! My book at present is at the local primary school and has received lots of positive comments. The photos are magnificent and likewise the text which takes us so quickly into the lives of so many of our heritage. The chapter about George Thomas is great and the photos wonderful…the one by his hearth so typical of George and is where he sat and read or listened to his radio or quietly pondered’ – Fiona Symes, Australia.

‘Vanishing Ireland Volume 2 is a fabulous read’ – Sheila McCabe, Co Laois.

‘The book is fantastic. I ended up buying in for my father and it turned out to be one of his favourites. He ended up dipping into time and time again as we actually knew some of the people in it.’ – Claire McGovern, Editor, Leitrim Observer.

‘A real gem’ – Kathleen Quin, Ashford, Co. Wicklow.

‘Thank you for sending the book onto Dad (Joe Muldoon). He’s delighted with it … the books are selling like hot cakes in Ballymote, a small newsagent stocked the books’ – Catherine Muldoon, Ballymote, Co Sligo.

‘Congratulations on your book. Its really so charmingly written and beautifully illustrated. I went on a muddy walk through the woods here yesterday with a copy of the book for Jack Connolly, and his wife was very excited to see it and he looked proud and pleased and loved the beautiful photographs of him.’ – The Knight of Glin.

‘Truly beautiful’ – Katie Theasby, Co. Clare.

‘I have just started reading your new Book and think its a wonderful idea and wonderful characters and I am sure you will find many more to turn into further volumes in the next number of years. Every town and village has and had such ordinary yet amazing people sadly so many have slipped away unnoticed’ – Peter O’Reilly, Monaghan.

‘I was leafing through your book with ‘Baby ‘ on the cover….lovely book to pick up and browse through – it should do very well in the Xmas market as not expensive! Congratulations.’ – John Kirwan, Kilkenny.

‘Well done to you and James Fennell on the new book “Vanishing Ireland”. That part of our heritage is indeed disappearing, many people today don’t even know about our very recent social history. It’s vital that it be recorded so it isn’t lost altogether. All the best for great success with the book.’ – Eilis O’Hara.

‘Well done on the book by the way. Hard to beat the first one, but it sort of does.’ – Harriet Landseer, Prague.

‘Absolutely beautiful’ – Kim McManus, Virginia, USA.

‘Excellent’ – Tom Sullivan, Johnston Central Library, Co Cavan, Ireland.

‘I recently bought Vanishing Ireland vol 2, which I am really enjoying as it reminds me of my childhood in Ireland, and a lot of wonderful characters I knew there’ – Maggie Ryan, Orlando, Florida.

‘On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for featuring my wonderful and inspiring uncle Stephen John Tierney in your book. Sadly Stephen died on June 11th last. Still finding it so hard to believe that he is gone. He is sadly missed from the family and Oughterard, especially the Glann area, is not the same since his passing. Many people have said that they miss him from the road!! I’m sure that’s how ye got talking to him, meeting him on the road. He was a great man for history. Thanks once again for giving us a treasured possession of Stephens. He was truly proud of that book and even did a mini book signing for some Americans that recognised him from the book. Of course he was walking along the road as he always did!!!!’ – Lisa Moore, Co. Galway (June 2010).

‘I have got your book ‘Vanishing Ireland’ on a stand on the kitchen table…I love it …the pictures and the accounts of these people…beautifully written …fabulous photographs…I love the way some of these men are just plain dirty…and I mean that in the best possible sense…We are all washed out..and I really like their homes..not a sign of designer labels anywhere…I am keeping it in front of me so that I can look over their faces and read about them…They are truly beautiful…It shines out from their faces…I am going to read at my leisure about the other people … Your book is wonderful. Beir bua!’ – Ber O Driscoll, Ireland

‘For those who never knew the auld Ireland, this book is a treasure, to be read, re-read, cherished and passed on to the children. Why, the picture on the cover is worth the price, but it is only one of many of the quixotic, endearing gobs captured by photographer James Fennell – men and women who are characters in the truest sense. Fifty-four of them, and, did you notice, very few – though many dressed up in their best for their interview – very few wear the spectacles? But it is in the telling of their stories by Turtle Bunbury that the book comes alive. His prose is easy to follow, and he entices us deeper than the photo, into the quiet, still places in the poetic Irish soul in each of his subjects. Ah, it is a grand visit, so it is, and – though one would not wish to meet the Black and Tan, or face the black storm at sea – “I am the only man still alive that came back that night,” tells Pat Reilly – for the Irish hearts in other lands (and even for those who would understand us), this is a gentle and important book’ – Review on Amazon Canada by Norm Roach.

‘Wonderfully evocative photographs, combined with excellent text. Don’t miss out on the Introduction. It says it all’ – Will Moore , Kildare

‘I was staying recently at the Lough Eske Hotel in Donegal. In the room they had a copy of your book ‘Vanishing Ireland’. I intended having a quick flick through, but ended up spending quite a bit of time absorbing it. I was entertained and educated, well done on capturing the images and stories that will soon be gone for ever’ – Michael Fox, Dublin.

‘I really am having enormous fun reading your book. I love the style of writing – almost Milliganesque. And we were both in hysterics over the wonderful faces you have found’ – Paddy Meiklejohn, Inverness.

‘Absolutely magnificent – can’t wait to get the sequel” – Ted Cannon, President, Clinical Research Center of Cape Cod, Hyannis, Ma

‘My sister was over from California last week and was telling me about this brilliant book a friend of hers has out there – Vanishing Ireland. Good to know its gone global’ – Kevin Markham, Dublin.

‘I purchased a copy for my folks at home and my mother has had to practically chain the book to herself to stop it from disappearing out the door, the interest has been phenomenal’ – Paul Manzor, Offaly.

‘The book was a joy to read and recall the memories of my parents and their generation’ – Jon Dempsey, New York.

‘A fine book – well done’- Shane Hegarty, Dublin.

‘Absolutely brilliant’ – Paul Rudden, Co. Longford.

”Magnificent – so timely, respectful, beautiful and honouring of that wonderful generation – you’ve really caught the zeitgeist with this one’ – Anne Gildea

‘Very entertaining’ – Joe McCabe, Co. Laois

‘Just wanted to say I have just bought your first Vanishing Ireland book and I love it. I have always had a fascination with and an empathy for these elderly storytellers. My father (aged 78 ) actually knows 3 of the characters in the book!’ – Rosemarie Manton, Cashel, Co. Tipperary.

Eamon Bolger was a good friend of mine and the Barry family. I was in Ballyduff July 09 and knew Eamon was ill and passed away in oct rip. A real good fellow. I liked the interview very much, very truthful. I emigrated 1955. I live in marshfield ma. Thanks I am glad you interviewed eamon. He knew the old village inside and out’ – Tom Barry, Marshfield, MA.

On Monday 2nd April 2007, the Members of Carlow County Council unanimously resolved that a Vote of Congratulations be extended to Turtle, a County Carlow native, ‘on the success of ‘Vanishing Ireland’ being shortlisted for the Eason’s Irish Published Book of the Year’. The County Manager, on his own behalf and on behalf of the staff of the County Castle, asked to be associated with these wishes.

“It really is lovely and is being so enjoyed – I have it out in the gallery and it attracts much attention’ – Louise Stobart, Birdwoods Art Gallery, New Zealand

‘At a distance of 30 feet, I incidentally spotted your beautiful book Vanishing Ireland at a local bookstore today. Having moved to Ireland only a few months ago, we are becoming acutely aware of the rapid changes to this country and its population. Your book tells a history that can nowadays almost only be felt, told by those who have shaped Ireland into the welcoming country it is and thereby cherished by many. It truly is one of the most heartwarming books I have ever bought. Thank you and the best of luck with Part 2!’ – Tjerk van der Grijp

‘A delightful book and a graceful tribute to a vanishing Ireland’ – Rory Moran, Carlow.

‘I have your book, Vanishing Ireland book on my “coffee” table. A friend was over the other day, She was admiring the book. She was especially impressed with the wonderful faces. She is an artist (as a hobby). OH was she impressed. Keep up the good work.’ – Anice Nolan, California.

‘A wonderful book’ – Maureen Marshall

‘Fantastic – I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover’ – Tom Kerr, USA

‘Met the lad who changed the immersion on our boiler on the road today. He started waxing quite lyrical about seeing my name in the ‘Vanishing Ireland’ book. I tried to stop him, but it was no good, and he kept coming out with utterances lauding the book from on high, and what a great idea it was, and how these were great people who should be recorded and how the book captured the essence of – indeed – a vanishing Ireland, and how he’d spent ages going through it, and… Yeah, well you get the idea. He quite liked the book. As I say, I tried to temper his praise, but he insisted ye do another volume. So, off you go!’ – Mark Onions, Portlaoise.

‘I was able to get hold of a Vanishing Ireland to send to the father in law, so your bank balance may swell by another Euro’ – Mark Cummings, Cayman Islands

‘Great reading – beautiful photographs’ – Edie Keppel, Carlow.

‘What a fab book! Your books always cheer me up, and those I gift them to as well.’ – Beka Cohen, London.

‘Wonderful books’ – Gráinne Killeen, Dublin.

‘Brilliant stuff and a reminder to someone who remembers and misses the Old Ireland of how much we’ve lost on the road to Mammon .Ochon,Ochon’ – Bryan Bunworth, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

‘What a brilliant book and achievement – both of you take a bow! I read the whole the night of the launch and couldn’t put it down’- Caroline Hamilton, Enniskerry

‘Just wanted to say that your book went down a treat with all the people we gave it to. Many thanks for solving our Xmas present problem!!!! I loved it myself and its now on the coffee table for all to see!’ – Sheila Comiskey, Dublin

‘Congratulations on a lovely book’- Caroline Walsh, The Irish Times

‘Well done on a great piece of art !!’ – Maxi, RTE Radio 1.

‘My son bought ‘Vanishing Ireland’ for me at Christmas. Loved it’ – Jim SearleUK.

‘I bought this book last week – MAGIC ! Congratulations – I have read it cover to cover – it is a credit to both authors for compiling such an excellent account on our true Irish people. I would highly recommend this book as it gives a great insight into the real characters of Ireland who will “Vanish” soon’ – Denis O’Reilly, Wicklow.

‘A fantastic book. Even my wife Janet (who comes from Yorkshire) loves it. I will treasure this book forever and thanks again for sending me such a wonderful gift from Carlow. I am now about to email some of my friends and tell them all about it and that they should have it on their Christmas Wish List’ – Michael Brennan, Philadelphia.

‘I heartily congratulate both of you on a really beautiful, superb, sensitive, excellent, poignant and invaluable book, which couldn’t have been more well worth doing. It is wonderful both visually and verbally, but so sad how unlikely it is that we’ll ever see the likes of your subjects again’ – Nicola Gordon-Bowe.

“A really lovely book – a great idea, well delivered” – Aine O’Connor

‘Just finished Vanishing Ireland. Well done! Though I’ve never seen “the auld sod”, my roots are in Wexford and Carlow, and I felt nostalgic beyond reason. Knowing that Ireland was quickly changing and realizing that I’d left it too long, to visit, I was a bit sad. Now, I feel better … you’ve introduced me to the people I’d have wanted to meet, and told me their stories in a way I’ll not soon forget. Thank you.’ – Norm Roach, Saskatchewan

‘The only book I’ve read cover to cover and that’s not just because the chapters were so short’ – Jim Kelly, Wexford.

‘Very important publication and a great asset to any book self. Great stuff” – Alexis Bernstorff

‘I enjoyed it very much. I passed it on to a group of Nuns and they seem to be enjoying it as much as I did. Rave reviews!’ – Sean NolanKentucky.

‘Having bought the book a couple of weeks ago, I can attest to it’s great photographs and wonderful stories. The title is very accurate, in more ways than one. Not only are the old timers going on their way, but they are taking a way of life with them. For better or worse. The Ireland of today certainly offers it’s people an easier way of life, physically, but there are other concerns to deal with that may present an equal amount of hardship. Let’s hope they learn to cope with the new challenges’ – Barry O’Donnell, Dublin

‘I really like the book, well done’ – Caroline Filgate, Louth

‘A beautifully crafted piece of work’ – Michael Egan, School of Social Sciences & Legal Studies, Dublin

‘The book is great, full of the kinds of people I knew in my childhood (very few left now) – well done. It says something when you hear people in your local video/computer games emporium warmly praising a book. You guys have fans in Extravision in Bray!’ – Clodagh Tait

‘A beautiful read. I think you have created such a heartfelt keepsake of our fading history.’ – Gráinne Marinan, Budapest

‘Exquisite portraits and poignant interviews with each of the characters featured make this more than just a beautiful book of photographs. It shows how prosperity has changed Ireland forever and an entire generation have been sacrificed on the altar of greed that modern Ireland now idolises – the Celtic Tiger has stolen their innocence’ – Siobhan Wilkinson

‘Very much enjoyed’ – Emma Parry, Fletcher Parry, New York

‘I must say I do love it’ – Isobel Marinot, Galway

‘A beautiful book and, in my own humble view, an important work, in these days of the Celtic Tiger devouring half the soul of the nation’ – Kenneth Hatton

‘Congratulations on your excellent ‘Vanishing Ireland’. You’re not just producing excellent books, but making a genuine and important contribution to the social history of the country. Sincerely – well done’ – Fiona Slevin, Haptica

“Enjoyed ‘Vanishing Ireland’ – easy reading, pathos, great pictures. Well done…recommended to all” – Helga de Silva Perera, Sri Lanka

‘Fantastic’ – Jenny Smith, UK.

“CONGRATULATION! What a success!” – Renate Helnwein, Tipperary

‘Have passed on details of your book to a book club in the UK and it looks like they are going to stock your book’ – Dermot Healy-Fenton

“A most professional product” – Jack Tennison

‘I recently obtained a copy of your “Vanishing Ireland” and my wife and I have enjoyed very much reading it’ – Gene Gribbin

‘You will be pleased to hear we ordered hundreds of copies of the book, via Easons, to send to our clients and the response was very positive’ – Jarlath Jennings, McConnells.

“Delighted to hear the great success – have given a number of copies to friends as gifts and the response has been very positive” – Joe Casey.

‘My girl just got me a copy of your book for my Birthday – it rocks! It takes pride of place under my TV!’ – Justin Bock, Australia

‘Bloody awesome!” – Paul Worbs, Australia

‘A superb book’ – Jamie Cahalane, Carlow

“We gave your book to my mother in law for Christmas and she loves it” – Kate Cunningham, Belfast

‘A wonderful presentation’ – Máirtín D’Alton, MLITT

“You do not have to be Irish or of Irish extraction or in any particular age group to enjoy and appreciate this handsome, impeccably produced book with over 130 superbly illustrated photographs of people , landscapes and animals. Full of interesting and gripping detail with in-depth portraits of people providing a valuable chronicle of a way of life fading fast into history. There is something in this book for everybody. It is a book about people and their relationship with their environment , the land, the rivers, music, animals, history and culture. Virtually all aspects of life and survival come alive between the covers of this book, but it is their outlook and philosophy on life captured by Turtle Bunbury that shines through. In his fine introduction to the book, Turtle states ” some of those people we met spoke profound truisms that no philosopher has yet considered” indeed so it is , spoken from the heart and from experience, the truisms are as relevant today as they were in generations past. For those of you who do have Irish or indeed European ancestry this book will prove informative and invaluable.
As a historian and genealogist I am often asked ” how did my antecedents live” “what was life like for them ” in the lives of the people featured here you have the answer . Not only does it capture the rapidly passing present but in many instances the people portrayed throughout this book are today providing a living link to a way of life which in many aspects has remained unchanged in this area of Europe for the past 400 years, indeed some of them are living for many generations in the same house, on the same land, living a lifestyle that has almost disappeared . It is all recorded here , how they thought , worked, played, struggled and survived, from Cromwell and before to De Valera and beyond , from auld Gods time to no Gods time, from life to death and back again, writers and philosophers , fiddlers and singers, coalminers and canal men, tradesmen and masters of none, sheepmen and cowmen, farmers and gardeners, makers and menders, drummers and soldiers, sailors and fishermen, gamblers and champions, publicans and nurses, dancers and chancers , from housemaids to old maids, sad times to happy times, famine to plenty, war to peace, yes it is all here and then some.
The author, Turtle, is fast ( pun intended ) emerging as one of the finest writers on the scene today, this is his fourth book in three years. He has several well earned titles to his credit , award-winning travel writer, historian, explorer, freelance correspondent, in this his most recent endeavor he manages with precision and insight to combine all four talents and adds a fifth dimension, that of master-storyteller , observing and capturing as he does here, many “a moment” moments that will cause the reader to laugh and at other times be moved to shed a tear. I challenge anyone to read the chapter on Mick Lawlor and not be moved by the loss of his jennet, Pegasus, and by the absence of Mick on the list of those still living or to learn to laugh along with Nellie O’ Toole as she recalls ” a wonderful life – you couldn’t have better” or the 103 year old cigarette puffing bachelor farmer , Paddy Gleeson , not yet ruling out marriage “as maybe he will meet someone his own age soon”.
Turtle also states in the introduction ” posterity does not generally acknowledge the common people – their life stories have always faded into the archives” – faded yes but unfortunately faded into oblivion in most cases , so many lives and stories have remained unrecorded, lost forever .This book is a timely reminder to do something about this before it is too late . He tells us that at the time of going to press, six of the people interviewed for this book had died.
Readers and generations to come will be grateful to Betty Scott for inspiring Turtle and James to undertake this ” Vanishing Ireland” book and to Wendy Walsh for her support and Hodder Headline Ireland for publishing it.
Turtle’s empathy, humor and magpie capacity for picking up detail are equally matched by the considerable achievement of photographer James Fennell adding an extra sensitivity with his charming images. I have published three books on photographs but I am afraid that my descriptive powers fail me in attempting to do justice to the splendid images photographed by James for this book . In my youth we had the world renowned Canadian portrait photographer “Karsh of Ottawa” who once stated ” within every man or woman a secret is hidden and as a photographer it is my task to reveal it if I can” well now we have , I believe, his equal “Fennell of Kildare” . His work is of the highest order and makes the book worth buying just for the photographs alone . His pictures complement Turtle’s observations with stunning clarity and feeling.
With the exception of an incorrect date on page 128 ( placed there, it might seem as did the rug-makers of old insert a deliberate flaw in their work so as to pay homage to the perfection of the Gods.) this is a seamless and flawless production. A book of the year, any year, a timeless masterpiece by two skilful professionals. One word of advice , buy it, read it but do not lend this book to anyone for you will never get it back . It was Abraham Lincoln who when asked to review a book simply stated ” People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like ” to paraphrase Abe let me just add that people who like life will find this the sort of book they like …….I love life …and you can quote me”
Michael Purcell

“An excellent book. I think you caught something nicely in the book, the gap somewhere between where the Celtic Tiger began its leap and where it landed” – Kevin Kenny.

“A fantastic book – I really enjoyed reading it. It even brought a tear to my eye in parts” – Lynsey Lendrum.

“This book contains interesting little cameos of various old “characters” from around the country, accompanied by their portraits. It is a coffee-table book of sorts, but not your average sweeping pictorial. It is divided into sections by trade, not region, with interviews of individuals, the “children of the land/water/horse/trade/etc.” They are of a vanishing stock of farmers, fishermen, publicans, factory workers, and so on; their stories are funny and sad, their memories keen. Together, the cameos create a narrative about the way things used to be, according to them. Four stars because I wish more women had been included” – Seamus Eaton, Chicago.

“Congratulations! This really is such a special book and I am delighted you and James are getting the recognition you deserve for it” – Lizzie Gore-Grimes.

“Bought it, liked it!” – Ed Somerville, Galway.

‘A fantastic book’ – Harriet Melluish, UK

“Wonderful!” – Louise HenrySligo.

“I gave my Vanishing Ireland book away to a lovely old nun, a very good family friend last Dec. She only told me recently that she got stuck last New Years Eve minding an aunt of hers somewhere in the hills around Borrisoleigh and had to stay the night as the weather was bad. She said the book was a saviour! The two of them read it cover to cover over a bottle of whiskey and knew many of the characters in the book and had a good hoot between them. As a result she kept the book and I searched high and low for a copy for myself. Eventually I found one in the kids section in a book shop at Bunratty. I couldn’t believe my luck as I never got a chance to read the one I gave away to the nuns!” – Maeve Liffey.

“I live in San Francisco – I love your book Vanishing Ireland” – Marie Duffy, San Francisco.

“I purchased this fantastic book the other day and absolutely love it” – Bernadette Lynch.

“Congratulations on your success with the book, it truly is a wonderful book and rightly deserves to be nominated” – Muriel Kellett.

“An excellent book – great stuff !” – Paddy HallTokyo.

‘Brilliant portraits and gripping journalism. This is a great two-hander if you like photography books with a little more of the background on their subjects. Fennell’s portraits are very good – revealing, touching and poignant. And the stories Bunbury has written for each of the people who appear in the book add an extra, brilliant dimension. Look at the portraits, read the story and then go back and see how much more history you can see written in the faces of these beautiful, stoic people. Rather than whinge about how life might have changed in a modern country, most of those who sat before Fennell’s lens accepted their lot with the same grace and charm with which they have accepted hardship, misfortune and tragedy, as they lived their lives in some of the least clement parts of that fair isle. What impresses the reader most, is the love for life and great joy these people also experienced in their communities. By focusing on individuals within different hamlets around the country, we get an insight into what life was like long before Ireland became prosperous. It is one of the best treatise I’ve ever read on how happiness is never measured by the amount of gold in your pocket. That comes from your love of life. I look forward to reading volume 2’ – Nick Wilkinson, London.

“This book moved me to tears, the prose and photography demonstrate a sensitivity and love of an almost vanished Ireland. They have managed to capture what is left of our soul before we sold it to the Celtic Tiger. A must buy and a magnificent book” – Mary Metcalfe, Kildare.

‘My one copy has made its way around New York State to at least a dozen homes, and a retirement convent where the Nuns enjoyed it to no end. It is currently in Florida on vacation! Maybe I will get it back one of these days!’ – RE Nolan, New York