Family Histories

Family histories are an ideal gift for anyone interested in their ancestry.  Turtle and his research team have over 20 years experience in researching families from their earliest origins to the present day.

Turtle transforms each family’s historical voyage into a factual, enlightening and compelling read, focusing on the events that drove each generation, as well as the people, places and landscapes they knew.

Your family history can be presented in a range of styles from a beautifully illustrated online presentation to leather-bound hardback books, complete with family photographs and memorabilia.

‘If you know your history, then you would know where you coming from.’

Bob Marley


‘From day one Turtle has been a delight to work with. His professionalism, knowledge, detective capabilities, and love of his work have been most reassuring. Turtle has amazed and dazzled me many times. I have no hesitation in telling you that I have been enlightened by the details and particulars, previously unknown to me that Turtle has uncovered.’

Bruce Crampton

14-time PGA Tour Winner

We are so happy. We were were so impressed with your presentation. It will always be such a memorable birthday present for us.’

Blanca Kavanagh

Houston, Texas

‘Thoroughly researched, well written and beautifully produced. For anyone who would like to have their history researched and written, I whole-heartedly recommend Turtle Bunbury.’

Michael O’Leary

Chief Executive Officer, Ryanair