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Art of 1847

Last Days in South Australia | National Library of Australia

‘View from Mount Loftus’ (1847) by George French Angas (artist) & James W. Giles (lithographer).

“Irish Peasant Children,” an oil on canvas, was completed at the height of the Irish famine in 1847, representing the three faces of Ireland: :the beautiful, the mischievous and the dangerous.” The painting had been a major work featured at Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University.

“Irish Peasant Children” (1847) an oil on canvas by Daniel MacDonald. On exhibition at the highly acclaimed Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University, Connecticut.


Galileo before the Holy Office – Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury, 1847


L’Ange Dechu/ The Fallen Angel, 1847, by Alexandre Cabanel, Oil on canvas; Musee Fabre, Montpellier


Théodore Rousseau, Massacre of the Innocents (1847) – a quasi-biblical protest against wholesale logging


“The Flight from Parga” (1847) by Dionysios Tsokos


“Two young girls (The beautiful Rosine)”, oil on canvas, 1847, a confrontation of Beauty and Death by Antoine Wiertz.


“Found Drowned”, 1847, by George Frederic Watts (1817–1904).


Victorious Bunchclod


‘The Seraph’s Watch’ by Ford Madox Brown


“Romans of the Decadence,” 1847, by Thomas Couture. Oil on canvas; 185.8 inches by 303.9 inches. Musée d’Orsay, France. (Public Domain)


Thomas Webster, A Village Choir (Victoria and Albert Museum)


Thomas Cole, Landscape with Clouds, 1846–1847. Oil on canvas.


Francois-Leon Benouville, The Wrath of Achilles, 1847


Samuel Towgood, 1847.


John Everett Millais – Self Portrait, 1847.


He-gassen Scrolls : 屁合戦 1847


Goodnight! Friedrich Nerly (attr.), Piazza San Marco, Venice, 1847, private collection, oil on canvas.


David MacDonald, ‘Bowling Match at Castlemary, Cloyne,’ Ireland, 1847.


Ben Jonson’s Every Man in His Humour (Act II, Scene I), 1847.


An 1847 engraving of a French monument showing Fame inscribing the works of Bastiat. It was destroyed in 1942 when the Germans were collecting war materiel.


Thomas Webster’s ‘A Village Choir’ (1847) was painted to illustrate Washington Irving’s ‘Christmas Day’, from The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon (1820), a comical and sentimental essay about an old-fashioned village choir and its musicians. (Victoria and Albert Museum).


A crowd gathers at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in “The Golfers” (1847) by Charles Lees at Scottish National Gallery.


Swedish Fashion – Stockholms Mode Journal, 1847.


‘Difficult Bride’ 1847 by Pavel Fedotov.


Richard Airey’s watercolour of his uncle Thomas Talbot in “The Den,” to which he’d been driven by the arrival of the Airey horde at the main house, 1847. (Courtesy of Elgin County Archives)