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Catholic Converts from Carlow (1741-1812)

(With thanks to Sue Clements)

The ‘Act to prevent the further growth of popery’ was passed in 1703 and it made it obligatory on converts from Catholicism to Protestantism to provide proof of conformity. According to the Act a Protestant was a member of the Church of Ireland and not any other non Catholic religion.

In order to convert the person read his renunciation of Catholicism in front of a clergyman and congregation at a public service. He then got a certificate saying he was a convert from the Bishop of the Diocese and enrolled it in the court of Chancery. The Bishops certificate was necessary until 1782 and from there on it was enough that the convert would receive the Sacrament from a Minister of the Church of Ireland, take the oath before him and file a certificate to that effect in the Court of Chancery.

Name. Residence. Date of Certificate Date of Enrollment. No.
Callaghan, Thomas. Carlow. 23 Oct 1769. 28 Oct 1769. 2f
Cooke, John. Parish St Michl Co Carlow. 16 Febry 1779. 16 Febry 1779
Dowling, John. Carlow. 9 March 1752. 9 March 1752. 10f
Dowling, James. Old Leighlin. 27 July 1770. 18 August 1770. 133f
Eustace, Joseph. Co Carlow. 2 May 1743. 2 may 1743. 26f
Foran, James. Inhabt of Carlow. 10 July 1776. 22 Augt 1776. 12f
Foran, Sarah. Carlow. 10 July 1776. 22 Augt 1776. 12f
Geraughty, Philip. Diocese of Leighlin. 10 Oct 1768. 11 Feb 1769. 205f
Johnston, Peter. Nurney Co of Carlow Gn. 16 Nov 1786. 17 Nov 1786.
Kavanagh, Walter Esq. Borris. 19 Decr 1790. 22 jany 1791.
Kavanagh, Thos. Burris Co of Carlow. 4 June 1792. 27 Octr 1792.
Kavanagh, Thos. Borris Coy Carlow Esq. 22 Jany 1799. 23 Jany 1799.
Long, John. Fennah Dioc Leighlin. 6 April 1770. 18 June 1770.
Mottley, James. Tullow Co Carlow. 23 Nov 1741. 26 Nov 1741.
Mangin, Joseph. Carlow. 3 Feb 1762. 6 July 1762.
Moroney, Honora. Parish of Tullow. 8 Novr 1784. 17 Novr 1784.
Mullingan, Andw. Schoolmaster Parish of Grangesile[?] 13 Aug 1812.
& Diocese of Leighlin
Nolan, Simon. Burris Co Carlow. 4 June 1792. 27 Oct 1792.
O’Connor,John. Killiban Dioc Leighlin. 23 Febr 1762. 27 Mar 1762.
Walker, Elizth wife of Saml. Ballylynana Co Carlow. 7 March 1790. 22 March 1790.
Walker, Elizth wife of Christr. Ballylynana Co Carlow. 7 March 1790. 22 March 1790.