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Includes content from Vanishing Ireland, Easter Dawn, Dublin Docklands, The Irish Pub, Maxol and many more, as well as Waterways Ireland, the Past Tracks project and hundreds of historical articles on Irish families, houses, companies and events.

Dublin Docklands – An Urban Voyage (Contents)

The book was launched in March 2009 by John Gormley, TD, the then Minister for the Environment, Heritage & Local Government. It was released as a limited edition of 2,000 copies.

‘Enlightening and rewarding’, said The Irish Times. ‘Fascinating and insightful’, agreed Cara, the Aer Lingus in-flight magazine. ‘If You Do One Thing This Week’, advised the Sunday Independent, ‘delve into this intriguing book’. ‘A stylish and superb insight into the changing landscape of one of the capital’s iconic areas’, agreed Social & Personal.

Who was Sir John Rogerson? How did a Boland’s millworker end up managing Barcelona Football Club? Why was Hanover Quay named after a German royal family? What is Samuel Beckett’s connection to South Lotts Road? Why is Misery Hill so called? Who were the Quakers running merchant ships from the Docklands to Philadelphia? How did U2 score their break at Windmill Lane? Who was Doris of Doris Street? Why was a caged canary kept in the Gasworks?


This handsome, illustrated and comprehensive history of Dublin’s inner city docklands was commissioned by the Dublin Docklands Development Authority. Turtle subsequently escorted Nationwide‘s Niall Martin on a grand tour of the Grand Canal Docks for a show that aired on RTE One in February 2010.




Timeline of the Dublin Docklands



Chapter 1: Custom House Quay


  • Streetwise
  • The Custom House
  • Custom House Characters
  • Custom House Quay & the Old Dock
  • The Custom House Docks
  • John Henry Foley
  • Jeanie Johnston
  • The CHQ building and EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum
  • The Crimean Banquet of 1856
  • The Victorian Age
  • Seán O Casey Bridge
  • Connolly Station & the Iron Horse
  • Great Northern Railway
  • Sir Isaac Butt Bridge
  • The Loopline Railway Bridge
  • The 20th Century
  • The Guinness Barges
  • Talbot Memorial Bridge
  • Custom House Docks Development Authority
  • International Financial Services Centre

Chapter 2: North Wall

  • Streetwise
  • The North Lotts Project
  • The Industrial Age
  • The 20th Century
  • Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridges
  • The MV Cill Airne
  • The London & North Western Railway Company
  • B&I (The British & Irish Steam Packet Company)
  • The 100-Ton Crane & the North Wall Extension
  • St Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band
  • The Halpins – Father & Son
  • Bindon Blood Stoney
  • Sir John Purser Griffith
  • St Laurence O’Toole Church
  • St Laurence O’Toole GAA Club
  • National College of Ireland
  • St Laurence O’Toole Girls School
  • Luke Kelly
  • The Sheriff Street Flats
  • Spencer Dock & The Royal Canal
  • Luas Bridge at Spencer Dock
  •  North Wall, 2008
  • The Three Arena


Chapter 3: East Wall

  • Streetwise
  • Creation of a Community
  • The 20th Century
  • School Boy Strike of 1911
  • Sporting Times
  • Splendid Isolation
  • Rathborne Candles
  • Seán O’Casey
  • Seán O’Casey Community Centre
  • St. Barnabas Church
  • The Building Parson
  • Local Heroes
  • Wiggins Teape
  • Modern Times
  • East Point Business Park


Chapter 4: Westland Row & the South Quays


  • Streetwise
  • City Quay & Townsend Street
  • Westland Row
  • The Hospital on Lazar’s Hill
  • Pearse Railway Station
  • City Quay – A Potted History
  • Sculpture & Chip Shops
  • The Brothers Pearse
  • The Guinness Ships
  • Asgard II
  • The Gilbert Library & Queen’s Royal Theatre
  • St Andrew’s Resource Centre
  • The Hibernian Marine School
  • Sir John Rogerson
  • The Gasometer
  • Sir John Rogerson’s Quay
  • The Diving Bell
  • The Samuel Beckett Bridge


Chapter 5: Grand Canal Docks

  • Streetwise
  • Grand Canal Docks
  • Grand Canal Quay
  • Grand Canal Street & Maquay Bridge
  • Boland’s Mill & Bakery
  • The Boland Garrison of Easter 1916
  • Charlotte Quay
  • General Seán MacMahon Bridge
  • The Coalmen
  • Hanover Quay Gasworks
  • Renaissance of Grand Canal Docks
  • Grand Canal Square
  • U2 – A Docklands Band


Chapter 6: Ringsend & Poolbeg


  • Streetwise
  • The South Lotts – Streetwise
  • The Early Years
  • Great South Wall
  • Ringsend Cars
  • Ringsend’s Golden Age
  • The Tale of the Pidgeons
  • The Pidgeon House
  • Captain William Bligh & The Ouzel Galley
  • The Pembroke Township
  • Ringsend Gasholder
  • Ringsend Sport & Community
  • Park Life
  • The Irish Glass Bottle Factory
  • Poolbeg Power Station
  • Dublin Docklands Development Authority