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Includes content from Vanishing Ireland, Easter Dawn, Dublin Docklands, The Irish Pub, Maxol and many more, as well as Waterways Ireland, the Past Tracks project and hundreds of historical articles on Irish families, houses, companies and events.

The Irish Pub – Acknowledgements

Photo: Leon Farrell.

This book is dedicated to our late friend Alex DavidsonGenerosa Defunctus – Nosto Forever.

When we put this book together, James and I were both newly-married thirty-somethings with bouncing baby daughters – Bella Fennell, who was born in October 2006, and Jemima Bunbury, born in June 2007. We thus required the considerable support of our wives, Jo and Ally, to send us on the road. How many people in the world are able to justify a four-month pub crawl as work? But Jo and Ally knew exactly what we were up to and backed us 100%. So God bless our beautiful brides. And Ally looked after the PR for the book, so extra blessings to herself.

Thanks to the Thames & Hudson team – Jamie Camplin, Beka Cohen, Julia MacKenzie, Christopher Dell, Karim White, Kate Burvill, Helen Farr, Rosemary Roberts, Rowena Alsey, Collette Hutchinson, Laura Willis and, the designer, Thomas Gravemaker.

Also to our agent Richard Morris of Janklow & Nesbit and to Rhonda Evans and the team at Diageo for supporting our launch.

The list of people who helped us with this book is astonishing. There follows below the names of those we managed to write down who gave encouragement or helped us in any way.




We extend a heartfelt bow to the following patrons of this book.

1. Arabella Annesley
2. Annie Barclay & Neil Burkey
3. John Barron
4. Emma Beurghs
5. Bobby Blackwell
6. Justin Bock
7. Grattan Boylan
8. John William Brady
9. Niall Brennan
10. Derek Briggs
11. Siobhan Buchanan Johnson
12. Andrew & Nicola Bunbury
13. Jemima Bunbury
14. Marco Buosí
15. Hugo Chittenden Esq
16. Michael Collins
17. Clodagh Conroy
18. Tim Coote
19. Nick Coveney
20. Crotty’s Pub
21. The Crystal Bar (Beacon Hotel)
22. Mark Cummings
23. Martin D’Alton
24. Henry De Bromhead
25. Paddy Deering
26. Terence & Bridget Dempsey
27. Kate & Simon Dick
28. Fiona Doherty
29. Trevor Edmond Dolan
30. David & Hannah Ross
31. Nick & Delia Drummond
32. Gavin Elliot
33. Ninian Falkiner
34. Joanna Fennell
35. William & Lesley Fennell
36. Paul Finnerty
37. Michael & Deirdre Finucane
38. Desmond FitzGerald, Knight Of Glin
39. Donal Flanagan
40. Thomas Flanagan
41. Sarah Fletcher
42. Jonathan Forrest
43. Mathew Gallagher
44. Rachel Gamble
45. Tim & Courtney Garneau
46. P. J. Gibbons
47. Paddy Guerin
48. Trish Hawkey
49. Eduard Hemple
50. Marcus Houlihan
51. Jonathan Irwin
52. Paddy & Gina Johnson
53. Yoland & Allan Johnson
54. Art Kavanagh
55. Sean Keane
56. Mark Kennedy
57. Seosamh Lalor
58. LeAnne Lawton-Tancred
59. John Frances & Jayne Lieber
60. Richard & Beatrice Lombard
61. Pat McCabe
62. Vinny Jasper McCarthy
63. William & Emily McClintock Bunbury
64. Sylvia McClintock
65. Stevo McFarland
66. Annie McGinn
67. Liam & Winnie McGrath
68. Paul McLaughlin
69. Nick McNicholas
70. Miriam Moore
71. The Morgan Bar (The Morgan Hotel)
72. Tony Mullen
73. Patsey Murphy
74. Niall Nelligan
75. Andrew Nolan
76. Oisin Nolan Solicitors
77. Robert O’Byrne
78. Margaret O’Loghlen
79. Pubspy (Sunday World)
80. Paul E. Price
81. Chris & Ellie Pringle
82. Richard & Jenny Pringle
83. Ben & Jessica Rathdonnell
84. John Rogers
85. Sonia Rogers
86. Anna-Maija & Erkko Ruohoniemi
87. Patrick & Christine Ryall
88. Ronan Sheehan
89. Olaf & Anna-Marie Shiel
90. Paul Smith
91. Jack Teeling
92. Humphry Wakefield
93. Sam & Phil Ware
94. Tony Whelan
95. John Wilkinson
96. Jane Williams
97. Marcus & Olga Williams
98. Ingo, Stella & Caio Worbs
99. John & Grainne Coffey
100. Rory Guinness
101. Atalanta Pollock

We would like to thank the Minister of Environment for the clamp-down on drink-driving, without which we would probably have been unable to complete this book.

We also extend our thanks to the following:

Adam Green
Adam Monaghan
Adrienne McCarthy
Aidan Barry
Aidan O’Brien
Alain & Alicia Chawner
Alannah Hopkin
Alice Beresford
Alice Boyle
Allen Foster
Ana Wyndham Quin
Andrew Davidson
Andrew White
Andy Cairns
Andy O’Gorman
Angela Murphy
Angus Craigie
Aine Grealy
Aine O’Connor
Anne Rafter,
Aon Roche
Anthony Jackson
Arthur Johnson
Ashling of Newbliss Butchers
Barry Keatley
Benny Treanor
Betty Scott
Bill Hazelton
Brian & Magda Dunlop
Brian & Fiona Donovan
Brian Power
Caroline Waterford
Charlie Muldoon
Charlie Raben
Chris & Averil Johnston
Christy & Darragh of Mrs O’s
Christy Kelly
Ciara Elliot
Colm Murray
Conor Goodman
Conor Ryan
Conor Walsh
Cullen & Bree Allen
Daithi O’Se
Daniel Forbes
Dan Mackie
Dave Kennedy
David McKittrick
Denis Bergin
Denis Hopkin
Denis O’Reilly
Denis Walsh
Desmond & Olda FitzGerald
Duncan Johnson
Durcan & Louise O’Hara
Eamon Delaney
Eamon O’Reilly
Earnan Price
Ed Brennan
Ed Galvin
Ed & Rachel Lindsay
Eddie Somers, RIP
Eliz Lee
Emmet Moloney
Eoghan Corry
Evan Foley
Finn Gillespie
Frank Columb
Frank & Judith O’Brien
Geoff Power
George Hook Jnr
George Thomas
Ger Clancy
Gerry Lynch
Gerry Mullins
Gerry Nicholson
Grainne Kavanagh
Harriet & Piers Landseer
Harry Boyle
Harry & Nicola Everard
Henry Bauress
Hugo & Rosalind Jellett
Hugh Oram
Isabella Rose Nolan
Jacintha Cloney
James Francis Hand Snr
James & Gilly Butler
James & Helen Wright
James @ Lennard Arm
Jane @ Shamrock Lodge Hotel
Jane Lenehan
Jed & Lucy Kelly
Jessica Slingsby
Jim Buckley
Jim Lyttle
Jim Wiseman
Jimmy & Olive Kelly
Joan Crawford (North West Tourism)
John Clancy
John Clusky
John & Mary Curran
John Curran
John Filgate
John Fitzpatrick
John Flynn
John & Caroline Hamilton
John Hayden
John, Michael & Margaret Marmion
John Onions
Johnny Browne
Johnny Madden
Joe Browne
Joe Kennedy
Julian Walton
Kay McGuinness
Kevin & Laura Allen
Kevin & Essie Osborne
Larry & Gilly Fogg
Layla de Cogan Chin
Liam Mulvanney
Lindsey Williamson
Lisa Creagh
Liz Cairns
Lucie Wright
Maebh Coyle
Manus of Sky in the Ground
Mark Cagney
Margaret @ McCarthy’s
Margaret Scott (FLRT)
Margot Quin
Martin Kelly
Martin & Gordon of Gertie Brown’s
Mary-Claire Grealy
Mary Brennan
Mary Metcalfe
Mary Treanor
Matthew Durdin-Robertson
Matthew Forde
Matthew Tindal
Mervyn & Hillary McCullagh
Michael Brennan
Michael Collins
Michael Egan
Michael J Finucane
Michael McGinn
Michael & Olive O’Shea
Michael Purcell
Micky Francis
Mickey fFrench-Davis
Morgan Kavanagh
Mossy Laing
Naomi Buchanan
Niamh Barrett
Nick & Becky Wilkinson
Nicky fFrench-Davis
Nicky Haslan
Nicoleen Greer
Nikki McCarthy
Oisin & Aoife Nolan
Oisin Harrington
Olaf Roche
Orla Nelligan
Patrick & Christina Riall
Patrick & Margaret Britten
Paul @ Thomas Conolly’s
Paul Clements
Paul Manzor
Paul Monaghan
Peter & Martina
Phil Markey
Philippe Brodeur
Ramor & Inky Craigie
Raymond Horkan
Red Cabot
Renata Helnwein
Rhonda Evans
Richard Harris
Rob Crowley
Rob Mullen
Robert Daniels
Roger & Olive Nicholson
Rohan Boyle
Roland Ramsden
Rory Porky Keating
Rosie Rathdonnell
Rossa O’Sioradain
Roy & Pat Craigie
Ruth Cunney
Ryan O’Hagan
Sarah Wright
Sasha Sykes
Se Merry Doyle
Seamus Savage
Seamus Raben
Seamus @ The Tower
Sean Keane
Severin Johnson
Shane Gallwey
Shane Hegarty
Shane Jackson
Sharon Sheenan
Sheila McCall
Shona Brophy
Simon Carswell
Simon Pratt
Stephen Douglas
Stephen Kelly (FLRT)
Sue Kilbracken
Tim Goulding
Tom Lenox-Conyngham
Tom Sykes
Tom Watts
Tony Cullen
Trevor White
Vinny Mac
Willy Cunning
William Laffan
William Paterson