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The Genealogy Roadshow (2011-2014) – Recap of the TV series

Above: Turtle Bunbury, Nicola Morris and John Grenham outside Slane Castle for the first series of the Genealogy Roadshow.

In 2011 viewers on RTE1 were treated to ‘The Genealogy Roadshow’, a four-part series which offered a hybrid of ‘The Antiques Roadshow’ and ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ In each episode, I teamed up with genealogists Nicola Morris and John Grenham to investigate claims by people who believed they had famous or infamous relatives, or that they were connected to a historical event or ancient mystery. The series was produced by award-winning Big Mountain and hosted by Derek Mooney.

The first Roadshow was filmed at Adare Manor, Co. Limerick, and attracted over 300,000 realtime viewers. It was Pick of the Day in The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, RTE Guide and The Sunday Times. Subsequent episodes were filmed at Glenlo Abbey (Co. Galway), Carton House (Co. Kildare) and Slane Castle (Co. Meath).

The series was repeated in June 2012, and several times thereafter.

Above: Promotional poster for the second series of the Genealogy Roadshow.

A second series aired in May 2014 with Susan Chadwick filling in for Nicola, as per John Boland’s review in the Irish Independent, 17 May 2014: ‘The Genealogy Roadshow (RTÉ1) has returned, too, and its first instalment was as engaging and interesting as I recall from its initial outing last year. Turtle Bunbury, whose name makes him sound like Bertie Wooster’s country cousin, was absorbing as he related what had happened to a couple who, given a passage to Argentina with their eight children in 1889, were left stranded and penniless on the Buenos Aires quayside.’