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Includes content from Vanishing Ireland, Easter Dawn, Dublin Docklands, The Irish Pub, Maxol and many more, as well as Waterways Ireland, the Past Tracks project and hundreds of historical articles on Irish families, houses, companies and events.

Ireland’s Forgotten Past – Contents

Ireland’s Forgotten Past (Thames &  Hudson, 2020, 2023)

Introduction – It Starts with a Bear

  1. Of Tetrapods and Volcanic Rings
  2. The Bear from Clare
  3. Neolithic Stargazers
  4. The Beaker Folk
  5. Bog Toghers
  6. Roman Hibernia
  7. Pagan Christianity – The Holy Wells of Ireland
  8. The Kingdom of Ossory
  9. The Uí Dúnlainge Kings of Leinster
  10. Sitric Silkbeard & Queen Gormflaith
  11. The Knights Templar of Ireland
  12. Rohesia’s Castle
  13. Great Scot: Edward the Bruce’s Invasion of Ireland
  14. Prince Lionel Comes to Carlow
  15. Great Pretenders & Warring Roses
  16. The Midland Shires
  17. Sir William Stanley, Public Enemy No. 1
  18. Rise & Fall: The Maguires of Fermanagh
  19. Cromwell’s Tailor
  20. The Byerley Turk: A Warhorse on the Boyne
  21. The Lixnaw Project
  22. Joshua Dawson, Spymaster
  23. Lord Rosse & the Hell-Fire Club
  24. The Butcher’s Column
  25. Peg Plunkett, Queen of Vice
  26. The Cherokee Club
  27. The Avoca Gold Rush
  28. The Lucan Spa
  29. The Night of the Big Wind
  30. The Crimean Banquet
  31. The Prince of Wales & the Curragh Wren
  32. John Henry Foley – Sculptor of an Empire
  33. Bloody Balfour’s Kindly Deeds
  34. Queen Victoria’s Dublin Visit, 1900
  35. Killer Gas in the Great War
  36. Operation Shamrock

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